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Computer networking is the interconnection of two or more computers. We connect several computers at different locations to exchange information or do other work in a shared or mutually accessible data base. This is an elementary definition, but is the place to begin to understand what networking is all about. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that the more computers you have hooked into a network, the more complex is the problem of insuring that all of them can talk to each other without interference. This is exactly the problem that networking must address. The Internet would not work without protocols and standards by which the machines tied in communicate through the web and recognize each other. We take these things for granted, but someone saw the problems and began solving them before two computers were connected through a conduit through which they could communicate. TCP/IP didn't fall out of the sky or come "preloaded" back in the day.
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What is a computer network?

NATI A Network is a group of computers interconnected to interact each other. More specific, a computer network is an infrastructure which provides connectivity to mu

What is computer Network?

A computer network is a group of computer systems and othercomputing hardware devices that are linked together throughcommunication channels to facilitate communication andres

What is a networked computer?

"A computer network is a group of interconnected computers." says wikipedia. . Go here for the full article: http:/en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Computer_network

What are computer networks?

Community Answer 1 What are computer networks? I'm glad you asked. A given company ororganization may have more than one computer, and can arrange forthese computers to be c

What is a network computer?

Usually "network computer" refers to a computer whose primary function is to access the network and can't do much else on its own. Sometimes it is a dumb terminal with no pro

What is the computer network?

It is simply a network of computers connected together by\ndifferent communication channels that allow sharing of data and information.

What are the computer network?

Computer network : A collection of computing devices that are connected in various ways in order to communicate and share resource. Usually, the connections between computers

What are network computers?

A computer network as a bunch of computers linked together. Thereare two types of computer networks. WAN's and LAN's A WAN is a Wide Area Network. The internet is a WAN becau

Why are computers networked?

Computer network is the inter connection between 2 or more computers to share an information or resources. their are many types,topologies of computer network! visit -= www.

How do you do computer networking?

Working on a system does not require any networking but when we talk about a no. of computer systems communicating with each other then there comes need of computer networking

What is computer network about?

Computer Network is all about sharing Information & Resources amongst Users & Devices within network. Computer Networks enables efficient usage of Resources (Such as printer
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What is a network of a computer?

the computer network is the communicate with one device into another device it's called the computer network.
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What are in Computer networks?

Computer networks consist of multiple computers and other electrical devices linked together
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What is computer networking explain the types of computer?

Computer networking can be defined as a process of establishing communication between a no. of autonomous computers in order to allow exchange of resources through the network