What is considered upper middle class in the US?

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Well, there is a lot of ambiguity about what is and what is not considered middle and upper middle class.
According to sociologists such as Dennis Gilbert of Hamilton College the upper middle class constitutes about 15% of households. Its members are very highly educated professionals with great autonomy in the work place. Graduate degrees are very common and educational attainment serves as the main distinguishing feature of this class. (Gilbert, 2002; Ehrenreich, 1989) Household incomes vary depending on how many income earners there are within a household. One-earner upper middle class households may have incomes in the high 5-figure range while married couple household commonly have incomes in excees of $100,000. (Gilbert, 2002; Thompson & Hickey, 2005) In 2005, the top 15% of personal income for individual earners were those making $62,500 or more. (US Census Bureau, 2006)
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Who are the middle class?

One of the social classes in the United States is known as themiddle class. There is not an exact definition for the term, butsome consider middle class to be above the federal poverty line.

What is meant by upper lower and middle class?

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How do the middle class and the upper class minded differ?

Their goals were different mainly because they were different groups of people. They held different jobs and made different amounts of money. Also, these groups had different interests which naturally led them to pursue different goals.

What percent in the US is upper class middle class and lower class?

The percentage of the United States people divided into economic classes from 2005 is: Upper Class ( >$200k per Year) (about 1.5%) Upper Middle Class ( $75k - $100k ) (about 15%) Lower Middle Class ( $35k - $75k ) (about 32%) Working Class ( $15 - $30k ) (about 32%) Lower Class ( $8k and below) (c (MORE)

What is the income of the upper middle class?

For household of 4, above $100,000. For a single earner, above $65,000. This is also dependent on where you are. The incomes I stated above would not be considered upper middle class in New York or San Fransisco, but in most other locations, they are.

Are you considered middle or upper class if income is 73000.00 A year?

Lower Middle. (additional from other than original answerer) this varies from community to community based on cost-of-living (73k buys a nice life in iowa but you could starve in manhattan). It also varies based on your situation, are you a parent? are you married? if so, does 73,000 apply to your (MORE)

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If people have no money now then where did all the money in the world go to - has the super rich or upper class made off with money that usually circulate from the middle class that makes the economy?

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In the middle ages the king was obviously at the top and the peasants at the bottom so the "Upper Middle Class" would have been comprised of nobles because the nobles were ranked amongst themselves and the lower would have been the less powerful nobles.

What is the difference in lifestyles between those in the British upper-middle-class and the middle-class?

Upper middle-class usually consists of high professions and upper-level managerial positions where the practicioners are required to hold postgraduate degrees. For instance, a surgeon would be upper middle-class, while a nurse practitioner is middle-class. A university lecturer is upper-middle-class (MORE)

Is 165000 considered an upper class income?

No, it is not an upper class level income. It may possibly qualify as an upper middle class income though. Upper class, also known as the wealthy, receive their income from assets owned in the form of passive income. They do not work a j.o.b. receiving earned income.

What is the Upper Middle Class Population in Chennai?

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What should be your annual income in INR then you come in category of upper middle class in India?

In India if your family incom is above 65000/- (4 member) & above , you have your own house,no heavy debts you are in upper middle class If your family income is above 35000/- & lower than 60 then it is middle class anything less than this is lower middle class Again it also depends where you live & (MORE)

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How would the US benefit from a growing middle class in Mexico?

Mexico is one of the few countries that still buy products "Made inthe USA". It is also one of the few countries (aside from Canada)whose exports have a considerable amount of components made in theUnited States, providing additional jobs in the US. An increasing middle class means higher consuptio (MORE)

Who was in the middle class?

Middle class are people that aren't extremely rich or poor. Theyare the 'middle class' who are able to pay and manage bills, foodand housing.

What are the difference between the upper class and middle class?

Generally speaking, money is the primary difference between all levels of society. Certainly, so called family heritage, types of jobs and such items like these are part of the strata of all societies, however, in the long run, the amount of money an individual has can move that person to almost al (MORE)