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Constant speed is movement at a fixed (constant) distance per unit of time. The same amount of distance is covered by the object in the same amount of time at each measurement of that same interval. An example of an object moving at a constant speed might be an object in orbit. Something up their above the drag of the atmosphere will move at a constant speed, and will continuously move around the earth at the same speed. Note that velocity is speed with a direction vector. An object in orbit will have a constant speed, but its velocity will be constantly changing because it is constantly changing the direction it is moving.
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What is constant speed and constant velocity?

Constant speed is a fixed rate of displacement of an object. Constant velocity is a fixed rate of displacement in a fixed direction. That might not make sense, but let's dig i

Is constant acceleration same as constant speed?

no because constant acceleration describes and object speeding up at an equal rate wheras constant speed describes an object travelling at the same speed over time. By the way

Why is the speed of light constant if it is constant?

It is constant, because it's determined by the electrical  properties of the   vacuum or material stuff it's traveling through. So as long as the  electrical   permi

How are constant speed and constant acceleration different?

There is a huge difference between constant speed and constant acceleration. Constant speed is when the object is travelling constant, no change in its velocity and accelerati

Can a body have constant velocity when it has constant speed?

Of course. In fact, in order to have constant velocity, it must have constant speed. What you really want to know: Can a body have changing velocity when it has constant spe

Does constant speed mean constant velocity?

No. Circular motion can have constant speed but varying velocity. Constant speed means constant speed in any direction, like a car on cruise control turning a corner. Co

What is constant speed in mathematical terms?

It's when the rate of change of distance per unit time is constant. Speed (or more precisely, velocity) is represented by the differential equation ds/dt, where s = displaceme

Does constant speed give you constant velocity?

No. The speed can be consant but direction can change and thus the velocity changes.
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What Is a constant speed?

When the  speed of an object remains the same - it does not increase or  decrease - we say it is moving at a  constant speed.
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What is constant speed Give an example?

if an object is moving without any net force or acceleration, it is  moving at constant speed, or constant velocity. For example a  satellite orbiting the earth is moving at