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Continental cuisine means the art of cooking from the European continent (does not include the British Isles).
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Ingredient used in continental cuisine?

they use mostly, cheese, cream, milk, salt,black pepper, white pepper, ginger rarely, garlic, panada sauce, red sauce(tomato sauce).

History of continental cuisine?

i want meaning continental

How many countries come in continental cuisine?

There are seven continental in the world so. In continental cuisine the food,which made in all continent that is the continental cuisine..

Food menu of continental cuisine?

conti and italian

Which are the countries that make continental cuisine?

Spain, France, Italy, Sicily, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway... Usually the countries from continent of europe but except britain.

What is cuisine?

Making meals (dishes) in a kitchen.

Difference between continental cuisine and british cuisine Or Are they same?

By continental cuisine I assume you mean European continental cuisine. British cuisine is a subset of this as are French, Italian, Belgian , German, Spanish. Each country in E

What is Philippine cuisine?

Philippines is home to many delicacies as well as cuisines that are delightful to the palate. The many specialties of the country includes the Adobo, Kare-kare, Chicken Inasal

What are the cuisine in holland?

Dutch cuisine doesn't really exist. Most meals come from France and other neighbouring countries. The most common dish in Holland is the "boerenkool met worst" A cabbage with

Does fried chicken is a continental cuisine?

no, it is western in origin because of large breeds of chicken, poultry meat in Asia are much leaner and smaller, therefore not suitable for frying, but rather for making soup

What is cuisine-?

The word cuisine is used to refer to foods that are cooked in a certain style or have characteristics of foods that are prepared in certain countries or regions.
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What is creole cuisine?

Creole cuisine revolves around influences found in Louisiana from  populations present in Louisiana before the sale of Louisiana to  the United States in the Louisiana  Pur