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The convoy effect is the slow down of traffic due to queuing caused by slow processing having knock on effects slowing the whole system down. The convoy effect term has been resurrected as a modern computing term with traffic being replaced by instructions within a computing environment
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Was the convoy system effective?

That is also similar to my question, why is it effective?. If commercial ships are accompanied by military ships, then they have protection in case the enemy wishes to attack

The convoy system?

During World War I, the "convoy system" was developed by theBritish Empire as an attempt to overcome the terrible lossessuffered at the hands of German submarines. Grouping me

Who sang convoy?

" Convoy " is a 1975 novelty song performed by C. W. McCall (pseudonym of Bill Fries)

Convoys were used to?

Convoys are used for many things. They can be used to deliver goodsto areas that are in need. They can also be used in militaryregions as protection.

What did convoy system do?

The convoy system was used to prtect American ships carrying materials to Great Britain in 1940 and 1941. These merchant ships were protected by American Warships.
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What is a social convoy?

the social surrounding of family members, friends and collegues accompaigning people's life and changing over lifetime
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Was the convoy system an effective defensive stratgy?

The convoy system was an improvement but it was not perfect. Since the U Boats were underwater it was still hard to protect all the ships. But, they had little choice but to u
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What is a convoy and what did they do?

A convoy is a group of vehicles that transport goods. It is usually used to refer to military groups. During World War 2, convoys of ships transited the Atlantic carrying g
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How did the convoy system effect the allied war effort?

The convoy system greatly protected the allies by making a virtual juggernaut. Before the convoy system was initiated, merchant ships would go in and out of ports widely seper