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déan aithris ar (to copy a person)
déan cóip ar (to copy somthing)

cóip / macasamhail (a copy)
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What is the Irish word for copy?

"Cóip" as in "Cóip de litir" (A copy of a letter). "Cóipeáil" is the verb.

What is the Irish for 'me'?

Answer . Checking out any English-Irish dictionary would tell that the English pronoun "I/me" is said "mé" (may) or "mise" (mishe) in Irish. The second form is more

Who were the Irish?

The Irish were and are the inhabitants of Ireland and their descendants.

Are you irish?


What is the Irish for 'you'?

Tusa but it's tú if you were saying..........d'ith tú (you ate). Another Answer: . "You" singular tú tusa . "You" plural sibh sibhse . The second form is

What is the Irish for you have?

Irish (Gaelic) has no verb for 'to have' but would say "I have a cat" as. "Tá cat agam" literally, "there-is a cat at-me".

What is the Irish for 'no'?

In Irish, as well as other Celtic languages, the way to say "yes" or "no" is to respond in this manner:. "Are you here?". "I am" (yes), "I am not" (no)

Did India copy the Irish flag?

No, the icons on the Indian flag represent something that i dont know but it has nothing to do with the Irish Flag.
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What is the Irish for 'I will?

I assume that by "I will," you mean the first person singular future tense. (More correctly this should be "I shall," but American and Canadian English make almost no distinct