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déan aithris ar (to copy a person)
déan cóip ar (to copy somthing)

cóip / macasamhail (a copy)
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What is Irish?

Irish is a language more complex than English. You have to learn it.

Who are the Irish?

The Irish are the people who live in island and they are also the people who play bagpippers and where a skirt called a kilt (that's mostly th men tho) Kilts are scottish actu

What do the Irish were?

We(Im Irish-,english- and welsh-American)Wear Sweaters,Dresses,Hats and lots of the stuff you do

Are you irish?


What is you have in Irish?

"You have a car" in Irish would be "Tá carr agat", (literally "there is a car at-you").

Did India copy the Irish flag?

No, the icons on the Indian flag represent something that i dont know but it has nothing to do with the Irish Flag.
In Dance

Is the can can Irish?

No. The dance known as the Can Can is French.