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Any move to extend power to the people. Actually, any move to extend power to the government.
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What is Creep?

    Creep is a phenomenom of a sample to deform against time at particular temperature.     Creep is the tendency of a solid material to slowly move or deform p

What is does creep?

There are many things that creep. These things include but are not  limited to animals, insects, and even human beings.

What is creep speed?

Creep speed is a very slow, constant rate of motion of the trolley  or bridge, usually established at 1% to 10% of the normal full  speed. It is used on hoists, bridges, and

What is creeping?

    creeping in measuring instruments is rotation of al disc in them even when there is no current flowing through current coil

What is the synonym for creep?

Edge, tiptoe, steal, sneak, approach unnoticed, bore, pest, wet blanket, bummer, pain in the neck...crawl

What is a creep caused by?

It can be caused by GRAVITY as in the case of old lead pipe sagging. In addition copper contact wires in electrified transport systems sagging under permanent stress causes cr

What is creep oil?

A type of lubricating oil that works it's way into cracks and gaps, See Fixel Creep Oil

How do you spell creeped?

The past tense of the verb to creep is crept. About the only time creeped would be used would be the slang expression creep me out, which would have the past tense creeped me

How do you spell creepe?

The likely word is creepy (spooky, weird). The verb creep means to move slowly. (The similar word is crepe: a pancake, a ruffled paper or a rubbery compound.)
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What is a creeping effect?

observed in liquid helium(helium 2).. when put in a container it  moves up against the gravity out of container. it wants to go to a  warmer region where it will evaporate

Is creeped a metaphor?

No, crept (this is the way you write this word, not 'creeped') is a past tense verb. A metaphor is when you compare two objects (nouns) by saying that an object is something e

What is the copyright creep?

The phrase is one used by people who are against extending the amount of time copyrights remain in effect before the copyrighted material becomes part of the public domain. It
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What is the creep in concrete?

Concrete creep is defined as: deformation of structure under  sustained load.    Basically, long term pressure or stress on concrete can make it  change shape. This d