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Any move to extend power to the people. Actually, any move to extend power to the government.
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How do you spell creeped?

The past tense of the verb to creep is crept. About the only time creeped would be used would be the slang expression creep me out, which would have the past tense creeped me

What is the copyright creep?

The phrase is one used by people who are against extending the amount of time copyrights remain in effect before the copyrighted material becomes part of the public domain. It

Who sings creep?

There are two bands that sing it. one of them is by radiohead and another is by TLC

What are creeping animals?

Creeping animals are those that move about by creeping. Examples are snakes, worms, and caterpillars.

What is a seismic creep?

Seismic creep is the constant or periodic movement on a fault as contrasted with the sudden rupture associated with an earthquake. It is an usually slow deformation of rock re

What is polar creep?

In the waters of the Polar Regions, it has been said that water here has high salinity (therefore also a high density) because when the seawater freezes, most of the salt stay

What is Creep?

    Creep is a phenomenom of a sample to deform against time at particular temperature.     Creep is the tendency of a solid material to slowly move or deform p

What is creeping stem?

It is a stem that 'creeps' along the ground... Basically it reaches out from the roots and stretch outwards along grounds and grow leaves. The function is to gain a larger exp

What is an example of a creep?

David Streck.......David creeps around your house while no one is around.........pretty creepy.......

What is creeping?

    creeping in measuring instruments is rotation of al disc in them even when there is no current flowing through current coil
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What is a creep meter?

It is a measurement device to determine if slow movement is taking place between two parts of an object. An example is two sides of a potential earthquake fault line or rocks
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What is thermal creep?

It is possible to start rarefied gas flows with tangential temperature gradients along the channel walls, where the fluid starts creeping in the direction from cold towards ho
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What is creep in concrete?

Creep is what happens when concrete changes form because of  pressure or load on the concrete. It can occur immediately or long  term.

What is creep speed?

Creep speed is a very slow, constant rate of motion of the trolley  or bridge, usually established at 1% to 10% of the normal full  speed. It is used on hoists, bridges, and