What is crossed demand draft?

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If you cross a bank draft only an account holder can en cash the same. It is generally safer than the normal bank draft.
Assume you take a draft for 100 dollars in favour of Mr. ABCD. If you don't cross it, Mr. ABCD can en cash it without having a bank account. However if you cross it the money will go only to a bank account. So, at any point of time you can prove that you had indeed paid to Mr. ABCD. Another added benefit is in case the draft is lost, any body with the same name can claim the cash.

Thus you get two benefits : Added security as well as a proof.
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What is the difference between cross demand draft and account payee demand draft?

A Demand Draft is a banking instrument . In any case, if it is not crossed, it is bearer, meaning thereby that the bearer, anyone who is presenting it to the bank can get it e (MORE)

What is the difference between demand draft and crossed demand draft?

Explanation 1:    A Demand Draft is a banking instrument . In any case, if it is  not crossed, it is bearer, meaning thereby that the bearer, anyone  who is presentin (MORE)
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How do you withdraw money from a demand draft?

f I got your question right then a DD has been issued from bank XYZ  in your name and you want to deposit it in ABC. I don't see a  problem in this. If the DD only has your (MORE)

How do you fill up a demand draft?

You will fill out the name of the person you want to send the money  to, name of the bank you will send the money to, the amount you  will send, commission, and you, the sen (MORE)

What is demand draft?

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