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What is cubic feet for 1 ton of anthracite rice coal?

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40 -50 cubic ft. relative to the cut of coal, rice, lump etc.
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Is there anthracite coal in Colorado?

Yes. My client has a large Anthracite mine in Colorado.

Weight of rice coal per cubic foot?

Type your answer here... 54 lbs

What is the cubic measurement of one ton of anthracite coal?

  fifoenergy.com says 35.314 cubic feet per 1 ton of bituminous coal.   My coal supplier tells me to figure about 36 cubic feet for my antrhacite pea coal   wikiansw

How many cubic feet per ton of wheat?

Assuming that the question refers to wheat grain, rather than wheat flour, the answer is approx 45 cubic feet per tonne.

How many tons of sand in 25 cubic feet?

At 100 lbs per cu ft, that's 2500 pounds. At 2000 lbs/ton, that's 2500/2000 = 1.25 tons

How many Cubic feet in a railroad coal car?


How many cubic feet are in a ton?

The United States shipping ton = 40 cubic feet, another name for the freight ton. A register ton is a unit used in describing the cargo capacity of a ship, = 100 cubic feet (a