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What is cubic feet for 1 ton of anthracite rice coal?

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40 -50 cubic ft. relative to the cut of coal, rice, lump etc.
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What is the cubic measurement of one ton of anthracite coal?

  fifoenergy.com says 35.314 cubic feet per 1 ton of bituminous coal.   My coal supplier tells me to figure about 36 cubic feet for my antrhacite pea coal   wikiansw

Btu per ton of anthracite coal?

30,000,000 BTUs Per Ton. Will vary depending on the grade of coal.

How many cubic feet are in a ton?

The United States shipping ton = 40 cubic feet, another name for the freight ton. A register ton is a unit used in describing the cargo capacity of a ship, = 100 cubic feet (a

How to Convert ton to cubic feet?

Without knowing the density of the material it is not possible. The question has no meaning. A ton is a measure of mass, cubic feet is a measure of volume. It makes as much s

Where is anthracite coal?

  Anthracite is mostly found in east-central and northeast Pennsylvania in highly folded rocks. Most veins are difficult to mine as they are at high angles and not in flat
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How many cubic feet in a ton?

A ton is a unit of weight or mass while a cubic foot is a measure of volume. You cannot say how many of one are in another without knowing more information, such as the densit