What is cultural conflict?

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Cultural conflicts are disagreements between cultural beliefs and values by two or more sides.
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What were the cultural conflicts of prohibition and evolution?

They were both issues that were related to the opinions of traditionalists and modernists. Prohibition caused an eruption of organized crime, such as speak easies, and a popul

Cross culture conflict?

Cross- culture conflict stems from cultural divides between groups.These fundamental differences can affect the way groups interactand interpret each other's behavior, often c

Definition of cultural conflict?

Cultural conflict is a pattern of behavior that emerges whendifferent cultures disagree due to religious reasons or values.These cultural conflicts increase when politics beco

How do the Jews and Palestinians resolve their cultural conflict?

There is no cultural conflict between Israeli Jews and Israeli Arabs (who are mostly ethnic-Palestinians) who live in Israel. There are religious and historical differences an

What is a cultural conflict?

A cultural conflict is a conflict between a person or persons religious background, ethnicity, and or beliefs. For example: There is a christian and an atheist sitting in a p
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What is Culture Conflict Theory?

Culture conflict is a theory based on the idea that different cultures and classes have different values, beliefs and goals. When these different cultures with distinct percep
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How cultural differences can cause conflict?

Well, there was a time back then when Alexander the Great traveled all over Asia to conquer the world. As he was traveling, he passed some villagers that had some religious be
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What are the issues and challenges of cultural conflict?

One of the issues and challenges of cultural conflict is ignorance. Often people who are ignorant to the culture of others respond with bitterness to the differences. Fear and