What is deep etching in Photoshop?

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Deep etching is what Australians call the process of cutting a foreground object out of the background of a digital image in Photoshop. This term is not used in the UK and Ireland, AFAIK, and possibly not in North America either.

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I don't know much but this may help - you can use the magic wand tool that will select a certain amount of colours e.g if you have a flower with a black background you use the

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\n. \nAdobe PhotoShop is a Graphics and Photo Manipulation Program. It has many features, and is the most advanced and widely used Photo/Graphics program in the world.\n. \n

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By buying it through either the adobe web store for your region, or a 3rd party online reseller such as Amazon or Ebay. Generally, it cannot be found in physical brick-and-mor

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You can get a trial or purchase Photoshop from the Adobe websiteunder the product section. The newest Photoshop is available permonthly subscription, but older versions can be