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When a man and a woman (or of the same sex) love each other veerrry much, they do a special thing called simply - shoving tongues down each others throats.

Other variations of the name include:
Tonsil tennis
Uptown shopping for downstairs business
Sucking face
First base

If you don't get these - ask your mum.
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What do you do after a kiss?

Well this happened to me once and you just say that kiss was the best kiss I ahd in all my life, just say nothing, or just look at him that mean it was a great kiss ever, or g

What do you do when he kisses you?

welll... it depends if you wanted to kiss him? 1.if you wanted to kiss him. who went in for the kiss first? if he did, then he obviously wanted to kiss you, so he must

How do I kiss?

Basically, whatever floats your boat.

What can you get by kissing?

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What after a kiss?

If you are a girl, you would just smile, and say that was nice, but if you are a boy, you would give her a hug and maybe another kiss, and say well are you ready to go in a po
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How do you get into a kiss?

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How do you deep kiss a virgin?

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