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When a man and a woman (or of the same sex) love each other veerrry much, they do a special thing called simply - shoving tongues down each others throats.

Other variations of the name include:
Tonsil tennis
Uptown shopping for downstairs business
Sucking face
First base

If you don't get these - ask your mum.
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What is deep french kissing?

deep french kissing is when you and/or your partner stick your tongue deep into the other's throat rather than keeping it in and around the mouth.

Can deep kissing cause pregnancy?

Kissing alone no matter where or how 'deep' can not cause pregnancy.

Can you get AIDS from deep kissing?

Yes, saliva can transmit HIV/AIDS, but it is quite an uncommon occurrance. Blood and reproductive fluids are much better carriers and transmitters of HIV/AIDS.

How do people deep kiss?

i think you would be somewhere where no one else is, and then you make out with your eyes closed and you think bout each other? i think that's what it is

Can you get chlamydia from deep kissing?

If the throat is infected it is possible.

Why is deep kissing considered a risk for getting hiv?

Deep French kissing, although a risk, is a very low risk of HIV transmission. The risk is if there is bleeding in the gums from an infected person. Saliva doesn't transfer HIV

Is deep kissing causes STD?

I am pretty sure you cant pass AIDS this way unless someone is seriously bleeding in their mouth and I don't think things like genital warts are going to be passed by it eithe
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What are the physical reactions to a deep kiss?

The physical reactions to a deep kiss are the feelings of anticipation and excitement that cause the brain to release feel good endorphins and neurotransmitters like dopamine,