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What is demonic force and possession?

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its when a spirit takes over your body...like in the movies....and it makes you do and say bad things and think bad things. this is definetly not something you want to have happen to you
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Has there ever been any record of an atheist getting possessed by demonic forces?

ExorcismFirst, we have to prove that there are "Demonic Forces." Atheists don't believe in Gods or Demons. So I doubt if you can find any verifiable case of an Atheist being p

How do you help people who are demon possessed?

To help a demon possessed person, there are several steps that can be taken and this all really depends on your religious beliefs. For a Christian it's safe to pray and ...pra

Was Nostradamus possessed by demons?

A: There is an ambiguity here. If we believe that in order to be able to prophesy the future, Nostradamus must have been possessed by demons. If demons really exist, then God

Was Adolf Hitler possessed by demons?

  No! If he was possesed by demons he would have build an army of evil not kill a one nation of innocent people. Basically he was nuts and crazy!! He had a sick and unfunc

Is demonic possession possible?

If demons exist, there is no reason to think they could not possess someone. If you are a Christian, then you can read how Jesus expelled demons with a simple command (Mark

Can you get possessed by a demon?

No, you can not be possessed by a demon, because demons do not really exist. Almost all religions have some form of demon, but possession by demons is a particularly Christian
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Are mental illnesses demonic possession?

In a way some of them can be. But most were not. Most thought such  like dilusions, autisum, mentally handicap or schztaphornic were  from demons, but basically was found ou

Can a Christian be possessed by a demon?

This is a controversial topic but I think the answer is no, a  'true' Christian, one who fully imitates (disciple) of Christ,  cannot be possessed by a demon.    The

Can a Christian become possessed by a demon?

Possession by demons and the ritual of exorcism are beliefs held  by the Catholic Church, Anglican and Episcopal Churches and some  fundamentalist sects. However, we also kn

What are the risk factors for demonic possession?

For a complete discussion of demonic possession please read Father Gabriele Amorth's books: An Exorcist Tells His Story, and An Exorcist More Stories, see links below. Fr. Amo