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Dermatological testing is animal testing. Many brands now are funding into alternative ways of testing products safely, without the harm of animals. Most animals used are rodents or rabbits. -------------------------------------------------------------

If the product has the words 'Dermatologically Tested' on the packaging it has been tested on human skin. This however does not necessarily mean the product (or it's ingredients) are automatically 'bunny friendly'.

Your best bet is to look for products that clearly state on the packaging that the company do not test on animals or commission animal tests from third parties. PETA have a really handy guide to products that aren't tested on animals. You can also email companies about their testing policies if you're unsure (I've done it in the past) and the ones who have nothing to hide with regard to their testing policies will be happy to give you all the info you need.

Incidentally, the EU ban on using animals to test cosmetics and their ingredients came in onto force on March 11th this year (2009), so basically any cosmetics you buy that are manufactured within the EU are 'bunny friendly'. It also means that no product tested outside the EU may be sold within the Union.
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