What is difference between random file access and sequencial flle access in c?

File constructed in a manner in which records may be placed in a random order; also called direct access file. Each record in a random access file has associated with it a relative index number. Whenever a record is read from a random access file, a computer program must produce a relative index number for this record in order to locate the record in the file. This type of file design offers the following
(1) it provides rapid access to the desired information. In a decision-making environment where information is needed quickly, random access is a requisite to rapid retrieval;
(2) it is efficient for retrieving a relatively few records at a time; and
(3) it provides a method of keeping files up to date as transactions or events occur
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What are the different types of random access memory?

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The difference between sequential and random access files?

There is no difference in the files, only in the way they are accessed. Sequential files are accessed just like they sound, sequentially, which means the if you want to read s (MORE)

What is the random access method?

Is one of the three types of Access Protocols. In this method any station has the right to access the medium with out being controlled by any station.
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What is the difference between direct access and sequential access?

Hello, Both terms "direct access" and "sequential access" as you must have guessed refer to accessing schemes in the file system.In broadest sense difference between these two (MORE)