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What is difference between the eat well plate and the food pyramid?

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If one is to examine the two, there is no real differences. The food pyramid was one of the first visual representations of "how to eat" and "what to eat". The Eatwell Plate was introduced by the UK Food Standards Agency, and is that of a more user friendly visualization, represented on a plate. One may see that the 6 essential food groups, Grains, Veg, Milk, Meat, Fruit and oils are in exact ration to that of the Food Pyramid.
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What are the percentages for the eat well plate?

The percentages are as follows: fruit and vegetables:33% bread rice potatoes pasta:33% milk and dairy foods:15% meat fish eggs beans:12% foods and drinks high in fat and/

What is the difference between the new food pyramid and the old one?

there is an "exercise" icon in the new one! and that the amount of food is different to make obesity decrease. but that's just what i know and if its wrong im sorry! XD Ther
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What food makes up the eat well plate?

Lots of foods make up the eatwell plate. What you should eat most of are fruit and vegetables, also starchy foods - they make up the two larger sections of the plate. Then in