What is different between publishing a book and copyright to it?

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A book can be protected by copyright if it is never published, and a book can be published without being protected by copyright.

Copyright protection applies automatically when a work of sufficient originality is fixed in a tangible medium. Centuries ago, this usually meant it was protected when it was published, but today "fixed in a tangible medium" can mean typed into a computer, handwritten on paper, or even spray-painted onto a wall.

A work in the public domain, whether copyright expired or it was never copyrightable, can still be published. In these cases, new material such as annotations, translations, or illustrations might be protected (as in highly-researched Shakespeare or an illustrated fairy tale), and in some countries, the layout and printing can be protected. But the text itself is still in the public domain.
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What is the difference between copyright date and publishers date?

publishers date is when the work was first printed... copyright date is when the work was first copyrigted... i don't believe they are different to often but I could be wrong.

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Publication is not necessary for a work to be protected by copyrighted. Unpublished works can be submitted for copyright registration and published at a later date.

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Literary works are automatically protected by copyright as soon as they are fixed in a tangible medium (i.e. written down); depending on their contracts with the publishers, a