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There is a distinction made in empathy. Empathy may be viewed as a relatively stable disposition (dispositional empathy), but also as a transient affective reaction elicited in concrete situations (situational empathy).
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What is empathy?

The ability to understand and to be understanding of another person's emotions and situations. Its the ability, essentially, to relate to another's emotions.

Examples of empathy?

When you feel empathy for someone you in a sence feel bad for them or feel how they feel.

Why is empathy important?

empathy is very important when dealing with other people. i had a lot of experience with empathy lately and i guess we could say that we could relate the feelings of other peo

Is empathy a disorder?

No - Empathy is a positive feeling/emotion that means to be able to identify within yourself with someone else's feelings/emotions - being able to walk in someone else's shoes

Example of empathy?

The ability to feel how another person feels in a given situation.

Sentence with empathy?

I had sincere empathy for the orphan because my sister and I were both orphans.

How do you get empathy?

You get empathy from your mind by thinking how to solve or stop releasing problems and turn them into happiness

Empathy in a sentence?

I felt empathy for the animals who are sick and don't have a home or food nether water

What is basic empathy?

Basic empathy is trying to perceive problems of a client or person as if you are that client or person who is experiencing them, and along the process metaphorically you have

When do you feel empathy?

Empathy is the ability to recognize the emotions of anothersentient entity. An example is when you see an ill person and youpity him/her, or when you see children playing and

What is empathy writing?

Writing with empathy is for e.g. When stepping into someone shoes and you feeling the their emotion like they've lost a femily member and the feel like depressed and sad. So s
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What is the connotation of empathy?

Empathy is when you are able to feel for someone because you have experienced or are going through the same thing. Denotation is the direct, dictionary meaning of a word, what
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What is cognitive empathy?

When someone feels what the other is feeling. Like if my son is crying and upset, I feel upset too. That is empathy. Answer I had to look it up and from what I understand, i
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What are dispositions?

Dispositions are the plural form of the word disposition. This is means the inherent qualities of the main as well as character that a person possesses.
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Do you have a sentence for empathy?

He had no empathy for his friend. She had lost her dad, so she had a lot of empathy for others who lost their parents.
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What is empathy-?

Empathy is the ability to carve up or be familiar with emotionsknowledge by an additional attentive or fantastic organism. One mayrequire to contain a definite amount of under