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There is a distinction made in empathy. Empathy may be viewed as a relatively stable disposition (dispositional empathy), but also as a transient affective reaction elicited in concrete situations (situational empathy).
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Is empathy a religion?

No, to show empathy is to identify with another's feelings, or in familiar terms, putting yourself in someone else's shoes. empathy n 1. the power of understanding and imagi

What is empathy in counseling?

Empathy is when someone understands another person's feelings/mood to the extent which they know personally what it feels like or close to it.

What is an empathy statement?

  An empathy statement serves to clarify and to reinforce the feelings that the other person is feeling. In rephrasing what the other person is saying, one is clarifying w

What is lack of empathy?

Empathy is the ability to put yourself in someone elses shoes.EX If I see someone with a severe migraine headache I empathise I know how they feel because I used to get severe

What are the advantages of empathy?

  1.You could easily relate to the person's (the person you're empathic to) feelings.   2.You could help the person you're empathic to when he/she is troubled.   3.y

What is cultural empathy?

Cultural empathy is an awareness and understanding of a culture's characteristics, beliefs and values.

What is intellectual empathy?

                intellectual empathy means trying and understanding wat other person is thinking and saying and trying to understand his /her p

How do you demonstrate empathy?

trying to understand the emotions another person is feeling. offering advice on what should be done not telliong a disstressed person that you dont understand.

What is empathy?

The ability to understand and to be understanding of another person's emotions and situations. Its the ability, essentially, to relate to another's emotions.
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What is empathy in drama?

When you put yourself in someone elses shoes so you can understand how they feel.
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What are dispositions?

Dispositions are the plural form of the word disposition. This is means the inherent qualities of the main as well as character that a person possesses.

Is empathy real?

Empathy is the capacity to recognize full range of emotions such as fear, pain, love, anger, etc that are being experienced by another sentient or fictional being. The rang

What is empathy-?

Empathy is the ability to carve up or be familiar with emotions  knowledge by an additional attentive or fantastic organism. One may  require to contain a definite amount of