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What is distal end of stomach called?

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pyloric sphincter
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Is the heart distal to the stomach?

The heart is SUPERIOR to the stomach...ABOVE... Distal usually only applies to the appendages, or limbs. The hand is distal to the elbow. The foot is distal to the ankle. Dist

What do you call a Severe stomach ache ending in IC?

  Answer   If you were asking this question about a horse, the answer would be COLIC, the same term used to describe stomach problems in infants.

Why is the anterior end of the stomach of a pig called the cardiac stomach?

  The anterior end of a pigs stomach is called the cardiac stomach because it lies next to the diaphragm, just below the heart. Because the heart lies within the cardiac r

Organ distal to the stomach?

  Small intestine

What organ is distal to the stomach?

The stomach ends at the pyloric sphincter. On the other side of the sphincter is the small intestine. It has three parts and they are, in order, duodenum, jejunum, and ileum.