What is distance between Bangalore palace ground to railway station?

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Palace grounds to Cantonment Railway Station‎ = 3.3km(through jayamahal road), 2.9km (through nandi durg road)
Palace grounds to Bangalore City Junction Railway Station = 7.4km(through sheshadri rd), 7.9km(through kumarapark road)
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How do you go to banaswadi from Bangalore City Railway station?

Kempegowda bus stand(Majestic) & Bangalore city Railway station is next to each other. there is a underpass from raiway station which enters into bus stand directly. From bus (MORE)
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How do you reach Bangalore railway station from Bangalore airport?

Bangalore airport (Kempegowda International  airport ) is around 30 Kilometers away from the railway station  (Yeshwantpur). Various AC buses run by BMTC are available from (MORE)