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An unwanted sound or the sound that gets with intended voice message due to system or other errors is called as "Distortion'. It hamper's the communication and can be frustrating sometimes.
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What is map distortion?

The  stretching, bending, and enlarging of areas on a map due to the  curvature of the earth. 

What is a distortion analyzer?

A distortion analyzer is an electronic test instrument that measures the accuracy of an electronic circuit at reproducing a wave. For instance, an audio amplifier might have a

Why does distortion matter?

distortion matters because the earth is round and it is impossible to show the earth on a flat surface without some distortion

What are perceptual distortions?

Perceptual Distortion means the perceptual barriers and differences. It includes: Stereotyping means when we generalize. think of a social group which you may have come acro

What is distortion on a map and why does it occur?

A distortion on a map is when you transfer information from a  curved suface to a flat suface losing some accuracy.    Distortion is a change in shape, size, or positi

What is distorted art?

Distortion in art is a change made to shape, size, or some other  characteristic of the work by the artist. In some instances,  distortion is a desired effect. In other inst

What does 'distort' mean?

It means to alter the proportions of something, making it disproportional although it retains all the same components as the original and in more or less the same order. If yo

What is temporal distortion?

A temporal distortion occurs when 2 dimensions interact with one another, the observer may be able to catch a fleeting glance into 'another world'. A good example of a tempora

Why are maps distorted?

Maps are distorted because you can't project a 3-D thing onto a flat thing (paper) likewise you can't show a Hypercube (fantasy 4-D shape) as a 3-D projection. And can you see

What does distortion mean?

A distortion is the alteration of the original shape of an object, image, sound, waveform or other form of information or representation. Distortion is usually unwanted, and i

What is distortion in maps?

Distortions are a bit hard to explain but the general idea is that the world is like an orange skin - if you peel off the skin and spread it out (in one piece), then you have

What are cognitive distortions?

  Answer   Cognitive Distortions   The Ten Forms of Self Defeating Thoughts   1. All or nothing - thinking   You see things in black and white categories If

Why do maps have distortion?

  Try taking the peel of an orange and laying it out flat so that all the edges meet up - you can't! Well the earth is also a ball and when you try and represent the cur