What is does the zodiac sign Aries mean?

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The Sun blazed in dynamic Aries, a fire sign, on your birthday. The Sun in astrology stands for your inner nature, the light of your essential character. Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, a masculine sign ruled by the warrior planet Mars, whose motto must be "Crash through, or crash!". A cardinal (creative and inventive) sign, Aries the Ram governs leadership and initiative. Aries people are bold and self-confident, although they do tend to be overly impulsive.

Source: astrologycom.com/aries.
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What month is the Aries zodiac sign?

The Aries zodiac sign occurs during March and April . You are born under the sign of Aries if your date of birth isbetween March 21 and April 20.

What are facts about the Aries zodiac sign?

We are simply the best (!), always seeking for truth, improvising, engineering, devising, creating things. We are open and outgoing, extrovert, mindless most of the time. Our

Is Aries the best of all the zodiac signs?

Yes........Aries is the best of all the 12 zodiac signs. Aries is the king of all. People born under this sign are very charming,beautiful,amazing,popular and determined. They

What will a person do in the future if his zodiac sign will be Aries?

Own a Small Business I'm an Aries ( April 16 ), started my own small business 4 yrs ago . Will never look back at that old factory job ! Always been good at singing , music

Is zodiac Aries a worst sign?

Lol, not by any means, all signs are perfect balance of strength and weakness that's what makes them so mystical, and what makes the system so timeless.

Who is compatible with Aries zodiac sign?

Well in general i have heard that other fire signs are most compatible with aries. but really i think if u learn to understand an aries person u can easily be compatible with

What does the zodiac sign Aries suffer with?

Aries may suffer with being inconsiderate to others. They tend tovalue their personal interests and achieving their own aims abovethose of others. This can sometimes lead to v