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Dualistic: consisting of two.
Theism:belief in the existence of a God or Gods.

Dualistic Theism can therefore be taken to mean the belief in the existence of two Gods; religion of two parts.
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Theism in Christianity?

Most Christians believe that God has three aspects, God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit.

What is theism?

Theism is the belief in God. There are two main types: monotheism, which is the belief in one God, and polytheism, which is the belief is many gods. Christianity, Judaism, and

Who is thales was he a monist or dualist?

Thales of Mileuts ~585 BC was a dualist. He taught his students of the phusis (one underlying element to everything). He believed the phusis was water. He believed in the mind

What is the difference between theism and deism?

Theism is a belief in a God or gods, who created and now control the universe and usually intercede in human affairs. When used in relationship with deism, it usually refers

What is the type of theism for islam?

Monotheism, because they believe there is no other god but Allah Islam is considered monotheistic. Monotheism believes that there is one God- in the Muslim's case, they believ

What are the characteristics of a dualistic economy?

It's composed mainly of subsistence agriculture and cash production of basic commodities or industrial goods for the international market   It's mainly composed of the exp

What is dualistic thinking?

Dualistic thinking is a view about the relationship between mind  and matter. It claims that neither the mind nor the body can be  reduced to each other in any way.

What is an example of theism?

Theism. The doctrine or belief in the existence of a God or gods. Mormonism, Catholicism. Both believe in the existence of God.

What is the theism of judaism?

Ethical monotheism: belief in One God, giver of the Torah and its ethics and laws.

What is non dualistic thinking?

"Non dualistic thinking" is a contradiction in terms. Thinking, by its very nature, is dualistic. What is the meaning of "up" without the concept of "down?" How can we know "

What is the only non-dualistic religion?

Judaism may be the only truly non-dualistic religion. Christianity and Islam claim to be monotheistic, but a majority of the teachings focus on the dualism of God/Satan or Jes
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What is better theism or atheism?

Theism is a belief in some sort of god, whether it's the current  one in fashion or of some other god. Atheism is not believing in  any type of god period. As far as to whic