What is dynamite for?

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Dynamite is used in mining to blow apart walls and whatnot. It saves time digging with a shovel. People that do this in the mines are called shotfirers.
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What is in dynamite?

Dynamite is some sort of filler that's been soaked in nitroglycerin, then packed into a tube for use. Nobel used sawdust as his filler, but you can use just about anything tha

What is dynamite?

Dynamite is an explosive used for blasting and demolition. As invented by chemist Alfred Nobel in 1866, dynamite is the unstable compound nitroglycerin that is mixed with an

How can you get dynamite?

You first get a federal explosives license. You will need to prove three things: that you are a good person, that you need the license for professional reasons, and that you h

How was dynamite invented?

it was made by Alfred Nobel who made dynamite, it was made out ofdead earth and nitroglycerin. they were both mixed and ignited by ashock made by the blasting cap, which was a

How was dynamite made?

Dynamite was invented by Alfred Nobel (of the eponymous Nobel Prizes ) in 1867. Early dynamite was made by mixing the explosive liquid nitroglycerin into an absorbent comp

On Poptropica were is the dynamite?

You put the dynamite by the rocks after you have a line of gas by the rocks. Then you push the dynamite toward the rock and you turn on the elevator. After that your dynamite

What are the ingriedents of dynamite?

No one simple answer. Originally, Dynamite was nitroglycerin soaked into an absorbent material- usually kieselguhr, a type of diatomecious earth. It is now a very complex mate
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Is dynamite an adjective?

The word dynamite is a noun and a verb which is sometimes used as an adjective in informal language. Example uses: Noun: We keep the dynamite is a separate concrete bunke
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What are the ingredient of dynamite?

Nitroglycerin (a liquid) is the active component, mixed with diatomaceous earth to form a plastic wad. (Hence the name dynamite)