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Mainly, it is the avoidance of processed foods, chemical additives, and anything artificial.
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Is ackee clean to eat and is it poisonous?

Ackee fruit (Blighia sapida) is a large fruit tree from Africa, Jamaica, and Southern US. The yellow/orange fruit opens and is edible when ripe.     Jamaican Vomiting S

Do you clean the lobster when you are ready to eat?

no because when you boil it, it will kill all the bacteria on the lobster. but if you are a germ freak you can wash it if you really want to.   ----------------------------

Can you eat before a teeth cleaning?

Yes, but it would be appropriate to brush your teeth afterwards. you can request one right at the dentist's office if you're in a rush.

Is sperm cell clean to eat?

The cell does not contain any disease but the accompanying seminal  fluid may.

How do you eat clean?

Eating clean is a movement toward eating fresh, organic, not  processed, foods. Engineered grains or cattle/fowl fed with  antibiotics are also avoided. There are several we

Does lice eat clean hair?

Lice don't eat hair, period. They prefer the human scalp as a place to lay their eggs. Whether a person's hair is gleaming or filthy makes no difference to the lice.
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What is meant by the term Clean Eating?

Clean Eating simply means eating as natural as possible. This means things like avoiding heavily processed foods, eating plenty of fruits, vegetables and healthy protein sourc
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What are some tips on eating clean?

Eating clean is not a new fad diet or some author pushing his or her diet book for the mass. It is literally getting back to a more Paleo-type diet eliminating all artificial