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Mainly, it is the avoidance of processed foods, chemical additives, and anything artificial.
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Do the Amish eat meat and if so is it only clean animails?

Yrs, they eat meat. At one time, locker plants were common, and their disappearance makes it difficult for the Amish to butcher the livestock they raise. They make do, however

Can isopropyl alcohol be used to clean eating utensils?

The use of isopropanol to clean eating utensils is possible, but not recommended, as it is a poisonous alcohol and should never be taken internally. Propanol, which can also b

Can you eat before a teeth cleaning?

Yes, but it would be appropriate to brush your teeth afterwards. you can request one right at the dentist's office if you're in a rush.

How do you clean self cleaning oven?

There is usually a knob located just under the stove top that when moved locks the oven door. Once you've done this, simply press the button or turn the knob to self clean. It

What can you eat or drink to clean THC from the blood quickly?

Nothing. No food or liquid will help clean marijuana from your body. The only thing that will REALLY get marijuana out of your system, for SURE, is abstinence. Daily smokers w

What is cleaning?

cleaning is brooming and moping its really a simple word to no cleaning refers to removing the visibles dirt. cleaning is accomplish using a cleaning agent that removes rust s
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How do you eat clean?

Eating clean is a movement toward eating fresh, organic, not  processed, foods. Engineered grains or cattle/fowl fed with  antibiotics are also avoided. There are several we

Is alpaca a clean animal to eat in the Old Testament bible?

No. According to Judaism, the only religion that still follows the Old Testament dietary codes, alpacas are unclean. Like camels, their hooves are improperly formed to qualif