What is electromagnetic conduction?

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When a pice of magnet shuttles through a loop of conductor (copper wire) it induces electric energy in the conductor, this is known as induction. When alternating current (AC) or interrupted DC current applied to the primary winding of a transformer, the magnetic flux cutting through the secondary known as conduction produces electric power in the secondary. The ratio of power gained or lost in the secondary winding depends on the ratio of turns of conductor between primary and secondary. Newaz.
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What is an electromagnet?

Any conductor carrying an electric current induces a magnetic field. If the conductor is wrapped around an iron core, the magnetic field produced can be used for many uses. Most people have seen scrap-yard magnets used for picking up iron and steel scrap. Electromagnets are also used as electrica (MORE)

What is an electromagnetic wave or electromagnetic radiation?

Electromagnetic waves are the mechanism by which electromagnetic energy (electromagnetic radiation) moves. They are composed of two components: an electric wave, or an electric field, and a magnetic wave or magnetic field. The fields are in dynamic motion, and these two waves are in phase and move a (MORE)

What is the unit of electromagnetic?

There is no such thing as a "unit of electromagnetic". There areseveral units related to electricity, electromagnetic waves, etc.,depending on exactly what aspect you want to measure. For example,in the case of electricity, there are units for voltage, current,intensity, power, frequency, and others (MORE)

What is conductivity?

General answer In general, conductivity is the measure of theability of a material to conduct either electricity (electricalconductivity) or heat (thermal conductivity). Alternative Answer It's a physical characteristic of a material, affected bytemperature, and is the reciprocal of resistivity. I (MORE)

What is electromagnetism?

Electromagnetism is the "effect" of the electromagnetic force, which is one of the four fundamental forces in the universe. Electromagnetism speaks to electric fields and the relationship between magnetic fields and moving electric fields. Electromagnetism is the force that causes the interaction be (MORE)

What is electromagnetic?

Electromagnetic energy refersto the energy that comes from electromagnetic radiation. Thisradiation is composed of waves that move at the speed of light in away that is suggestive of both waves and particles..

Electromagnets are different then homemade electromagnets. How?

Answer . Industrial Electromagnets Use higher quality metals for the coil winding. Also the windings are of different design and there are more of them. The metals used for the conductor are also of better quality material and have greater voltage sent to them.

What is electromagnet?

An electromagnet is a magnet that runs on electricity. Unlike a permanent magnet, the strength of an electromagnet can easily be changed by changing the amount of electric current that flows through it. The poles of an electromagnet can even be reversed by reversing the flow of electricity. An elect (MORE)

What can a electromagnet do?

An electromagnet is a controllable magnet. It can be switched on and off. This is useful for all kinds of applications. The magnet can attract an armature, causing physical movement. This can be used to make a heavy duty switch (as in relays and contactors ), or used to unlatch doors and locks etc (MORE)

What is conduction?

There are two kinds of conduction: thermal conduction and electrical conduction. . In thermal conduction , thermal energy (heat) transfers through a substance from a hotter region toward a cooler region. For example, when you dip a metal spoon into a cup of tea, the heat from the hot tea will (MORE)

What is in the electromagnetic spectrum?

You actually know more about it than you may think! The electromagnetic (EM) spectrum is just a name that scientists give a bunch of types of radiation when they want to talk about them as a group. Radiation is energy that travels and spreads out as it goes-- visible light that comes from a la (MORE)

What have electromagnets?

Quite a lot of things, speakers, telephones, tatoo guns, certain componets in computers, (fans) industrinal -to pick up cars, scrap, ect, mri machines, and a hole host of other things.

What is a electromagnetic?

An electromagnet is a magnet carrying an electric current. This can be useful for many things. eg, door bells.

What is conductance?

The word conductance is defined as the reciprocal of resistance. Itis inversely proportional to the resistance. Mathematically, it canbe expressed as: G=(1/R) or G=(R/z^2)

What is electromagnetic radaition?

well electromagnetic radiation is a combination of electrical and magnetic. well electromagnetic radiation is a combination of electrical and magnetic

How do you make a electromagnet or an electromagnetism?

To make a small electromagnet all you need is an iron nail and some fine isolated wire. Wind a couple of feet of the wire around the nail then connect one side of the wire to the positive side of the battery and the other to the negative. At the moment they are connected to the battery the nail is a (MORE)

What does electromagnets do?

An electromagnet converts electric current into a magnetic field. They are useful when the magnet should be able to be controlled, rather than a permanent magnet.

What are in electromagnets?

every time electricity passes through a wire, it gives off an electric current. this is the basis of an electromagnet. if you add coils to the wire, there will be more current in a smaller space this will make it stronger. you can also make it stronger by: . putting more current through the wire . (MORE)

Why is there conduction?

The transfer of heat by molecular motion from a source of high temperature to a region of lower temperature, tending toward a result of equalized temperatures.

What is conducted?

In electricity current is conducted. The conduction is caused by a voltage and the amount of current conducted is determined by a resistance. This is in accordance to Ohm's law.

What is an conduction?

Transfer of heat energy resulting from differences in temperature between adjacent bodies or adjacent parts of a body

What is electromagnetic printers?

There is a computer that controls the X-ray -- a form of electromagnetic radiation. There was a computer that came out from toymaker Coleco. It had everything an owner would want. It included a tape drive and a printer. The thing was, when it was turned on, (everytime), a surge of electromagnetic en (MORE)

How electromagnets can be made?

Wrap copper wire over metal rod and supply electricity, possibly using any DC battery. Please see the attach link for detail to construct. Kid should have adult supervision for this experiment.

What it is conduct?

Conduct is another word for managing or controlling. A great example is code of conduct, it means law of control.

What are electromagnets a result of?

temporary magnets that only when electricity is passed through them. there r many types of electronic magnets. (u cam check on google) Motion of a 'charge' through a 'field', or, more conventionally understood, an electric current through metal. Actually it is all still quite poorly understood (MORE)

How do you use electromagnetism?

You don't use it per say. Electromagnetism is merely a name for a force. It essentially says that electricity and magnetism are the same thing, just different form of it. Positive electricity is attracted to negative magnetism and so on. Electromagnetism can be applied be spinning or moving a magnet (MORE)

What is conduction about?

The transfer of heat by molecular motion from a source of high temperature to a region of lower temperature, tending toward a result of equalized temperatures.

What are the electromagnet uses?

Electromagnetics are used to create (strong) magnetic fields. This has many applications, from MRI to see brain activity to determining molecular properties to making frogs fly.

What is electromagnetic fog?

Nearly all electrical devices will emit some electromagnetic radiation. In some cases this can be strong enough to affect nearby sensitive instruments or radio receivers and can be the result of multiple devices operating in a small area.

How can you destroy a electromagnet?

Well, if too much current goes through the wires or their coating might melt. Or you can always use a hammer. Or a blade. But why do you hate electromagnets anyway?

What do you know about electromagnets?

Not much, really... They are defined as devices that are made up ofa steel or iron core that becomes magnetized by the electricalcurrent that is in a coil which is wrapped around the core. See the related Wikipedia link listedbelow for pictures and more information:

What is electromagnetic torque?

Current passed through a coil of wire (winding inside the motor)creates a magnetic field. In a properly designed motor, this fieldwill be attracted to, or repelled from, another magnetic field alsocreated in the motor. The attraction or repulsion is a force, andin a motor the force is directed to ca (MORE)

What are the electromagnets of a iPad?

There are no electromagnets on the iPad. The permanent magnets are located along the left edge to hold the iPad Smart Cover in place, and a small magnetic switch is located on the right side of the screen to turn the iPad on when the Smart Cover is opened.

What does electromagnetism have to do with galvanometer?

A galvanometer is a simple meter that detects the flow of current. A current flowing in a wire causes magnetism around the wire. This is called electromagnetism. Like poles of a magnet repel and opposites attract. The Galvanometer uses these principles in order to move a pointer across a scale.

Is a battery electromagnetic?

Electromagnetic energy comes from something that is positively charged... like a fully functioning device such as a full spectrum camera or very powerful electrical outlets.

How do you uses electromagnets?

Electromagnets have a few different practical applications and can be found in different electronics. They are also used in industrial purposes like motors and generators this was an invention of electric motors and generator.

How do you prepare electromagnet?

take a small piece of wire and cut the ends out so that the copper part of the wire is shown . Then take a nail and wound the wire tightly on the nail so that the both ends are facing towards you . Then take a battery and attach both the ends to the battery.Then take some iron fillings and put it on (MORE)

What is electromagnetism-?

The definition for the word electromagnetism is "the interaction ofelectric currents or fields and magnetic fields."