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An encyclopedia (also spelled encyclopaedia or encyclopædia) is a type of reference work, a compendium holding a summary of information from either all branches of knowledge or a particular branch of knowledge.
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What are the uses of encyclopedia?

Encyclopedias are a type of reference book that are used to look up information and facts. They can provide a general background on a particular topic, provides definitions, e

What is a encyclopedia about?

An encyclopaedia is a book or set of books containing articles on a variety of topics. These topics are usually arranged alphabetically.

What is the plural of encyclopedia?

The plural form of encyclopedia is encyclopedias.

What does a encyclopedia mean?

The word or term encyclopedia means a book or set of books that cover an extremely wide range of topics they a usually sorted in alphabetical order encyclopedias are seen as t

What is the Encyclopedia about?

An encyclopedia is about history dates and other things you might want to look up it has certain volumes for the first letter of the thing you want to look up

What does encyclopedia contain?

  It was a prehistoric search engine. Now we "google" it, or "wiki-ask" it. It contains information about people, events, locations ect.

What is the purpose encyclopedia?

To put it simply the purpose of the encyclopedia answers question that you need the answer to. Many commonly and mistakenly claim that the encyclopedia is a dictionary which i

What do you use an encyclopedia for?

  An encyclopedia is a huge set of articles full of information about many, many subjects. The encyclopedia will not give you as much information as a textbook, but it giv

What is a specialized encyclopedia?

  A specialized encyclopedia is called a cyclopedia. A cyclopedia is a collection of as much information as possible on a single topic. An encyclopedia is a collection of

What information can you get from encyclopedia?

You can get factual information from an encyclopedia. Encyclopedias  have information and articles on topics including historical people  and events, geography, astronomy, a