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enterprise can be defined as the efforts made by people to achieve something new.
for example: people have the initiative to start projects, to face the challenges involved and to take rissin order to achieve their goal.
The word ENTERPRISE is a noun which has multiple meanings the first of which is a difficult or arduous undertaking; secondly, it can be defined as initiative, or purposeful broad plans requiring many coordinates; or in business or financial applications as the overall operating entity.
The role or objective of an enterprise would be dependent on which definition of the word one is using. In the first definition, there need not be a product, perse, or an economic or business purpose. The question you posed indicates an enterprise of a commercial, financial, or business nature or purpose.

In that instance, the ways, models, growth areas and the productivity of the particular enterprise would be dependent on the product, or service that it will be offering. A financial institution such as a bank, operates differently than a manufacturing entity, such as a car company.

Even in the broad areas of similarity, such as a bank, and an investment company, which are both financial enterprises, the ways, models, growth areas and the productivity of each of these enterprises is different. You have, in fact, offered not only a good question, but one that is really several questions covering a broad range of possible answers. For now, perhaps, this answer will be helpful.
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