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Entropy is the measure of chaos or disorder in a closed system. For example: imagine an empty room with a single cup of tea (or coffee if you are American) on a table in the center of the room. Imagine that the beverage starts it's life at 373 degrees Kelvin (the boiling point of water) and the room is at 300 degrees Kelvin (approx room temperature). If you were to observed how ordered the energy in this room is the cup of tea/coffee would be a highly organized body of energy. This is easiest to imagine if you try and see the room through a thermal imaging camera, the cup would appear very hot while the room would remain cold in comparison. Eventually however (as you may know from experience) leaving a hot drink out for long enough causes it to go cold and therefore undrinkable, if we were to watch this happen through our thermal imaging camera the temperature of the cup would decrease while the temperature of the room would increase very slightly until both are at the same level. This is because energy always moves from a more energetic body into a less energetic one and we rarely observe it going the other way round. It is possible that all the energy from the room could be transfered into the cup all of a sudden and make it white hot while the room freezes but it is so unlikely that we do not expect it to happen.

In short entropy is a measure of the organization of energy in a closed system. If one were to observe the Earth you would see that entropy appears to be moving in reverse, energy is always being more organized. If you take into account the bigger picture that the Sun is the body providing that energy and is, in turn becoming more disordered, we see that eventually entropy always has it's way. You can liken entropy to the owner of a casino, he might get the odd winner in which case entropy is reversed, but in the end there are more losers than winners and so ultimately entropy stays in business. On a grand scale the universe is one such closed system and as Rudolf Clausius initially discovered, the rate of change in entropy in the universe is always higher than 0, so it never goes backwards overall, therefore eventually the universe will be so disordered that no energy can be used or collected without expending energy one doesn't have. This is known as the heat death of the universe and the concept can be summed up with the formula

Δsuniverse > 0 .

In simple terms, entropy is the measure of the level of disorder in a closed but changing system, a system in which energy can only be transferred in one direction from an ordered state to a disordered state. Higher the entropy, higher the disorder and lower the availability of the system's energy to do useful work. Although the concept of entropy originated in thermodynamics (as the 2nd law) and statistical mechanics, it has found applications myriad of subjects such as communications, economics, information science and technology, linguistics, music. In day-to-day life it manifests in the state of chaos in a household or office when effort is not made to keep things in order Entropy is the explanation that a system goes towards a state of disorder.
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What is an example of entropy?

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It's not much use to give "examples of entropy"; it is an abstract concept that you must try to understand as such. Anyway, any matter that has heat energy, has entropy.

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Why does entropy do?

A physical quantity that is the measurement of the amount of disorder in a system.

Why entropy is not disorder?

In my opinion entropy not only is disorder but also it attempt to make a new order by distribution of energy in universe.I want to prove this idea by a simple example. In my