What is extended term non-forfeiture option?

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It means that if you don't pay your premiums, then rather than the policy lapsing, it will be term insurance for a period of time, with no cash value.
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What are non forfeiture options?

Hi, I have some few knowledge regarding this nonforfeiture. I had onlyknown that Standard life insurance and long-term care insurance mayhave nonforfeiture clauses. The clause

Non forfeiture options?

It's some kind of reimbursement from the insurance company, shouldyou decide to cancel your long term care (LTC) insurance policy.

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Benefit of choosing Extended Term Insurance as a nonforfeiture option?

It has the highest amount of Insurance Protection; Under this option the insurer uses the policy cash value to convertto term insurance for the same face amount as the former

How do you extend short term disability?

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What is a non forfeiture option on a long term care policy?

A non-forfeiture option in your long-term care policy is a featurethat allows you to maintain some money if you decide to cancel yourpolicy or if you fail to pay your premiums

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