What is extruded aluminum?

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Extruded aluminum (or aluminum as they say in England) is just aluminum squeezed through an oriface. Just like that play-dough toy where you squeeze out a length through various shaped holes.
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Would an extruded aluminum pool like the Johnny Weissmuller pools be a good pool or would the Radiant pool from Trojan pools be better?

Radiant Pools just make sense - Go GREEN Radiant Pools have insulation and are much stronger. I was considering an extruded pool but went with a Radiant pool. I couldn't be h

What is the difference between aluminum extruded bar and aluminum bar?

The extruded bar would be produced by pushing molten aluminum through a die. Where as the other option for making the bar would be to cast it in a mould. The extruded bar woul

An extruding machine is used to extrude what?

What type of machine extruders is usable for these material ( uhmw or vhmw ) ?? and what is the process for built sheet 1 cm tich. x 1000 mm . Thks Mauro Pellini Brazil

What is the difference between extruded aluminum and powder coated aluminum and anodized aluminum?

Extruded aluminum is aluminum that is melted down and extruded, pushed through a certain 2d shaped hole. This can result in square tube, rectangular tube, an L shaped extrude,

What is extruded aluminum used for?

Extruded aluminum is used for a wide range of purposes from simple components like doors and components of computers, tents, trailers, power tools and kitchen appliances to co

What is an aluminum extruded heat sink?

A heat sink is a device or fixture that transfers heat from a component, such as the CPU or processor, it acts like a radiator in which it transfers the heat into the air. Alu