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The spine has 23 total pairs (46) of facet joints located at the back or rear portion of the spinal column. These are special gliding joints that are made by a flat projection (zygapophyseal process or projection) that comes from one spinal bone and meets or contacts to another flat projection that makes up a facet joint.

Each facet joint is covered in a thick layer of ligaments to support and hold the facet joint together.

Hypertrophy is a medical term that means that something (muscle, liver tissue, ligament) is larger or greater than it was originally.

In this case, the term usually suggests that the facet joint is larger or greater than normal due to increased size of the bony projection and the ligaments that are all part of the facet structure. This change of facet hypertrophy usually occurs as one of the first signs of spinal osteoarthritis. Arthritis causes the body to deposit new bone to these joints in an attempt to make these joints stronger and not break down.

Basically, your spinal joints have worn out a little bit. Facets are the rear part of your spine, where the joints meet. Hypertrophy means growth. Basically, arthritis in the spine.

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Facet hypertrophy may be described as bilteral (occurring on both sides), left, or right.

It may be described as cervical, thoracic, or lumbar (in the upper, middle, or lower spine), by the two bones that form the joint (such as L3/L4 to note that it's the facet joint between the 3rd and 4th lumbar vertebrae), or multilevel.

The hypertrophy may be described by severity, such as mild, moderate, pronounced, advanced, minimal, etc.
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What is muscle hypertrophies?

Muscle hypertrophy is another way of saying and 'over-growth' of muscle tissue. Someone who works out with weights can become hypertrophic.

What is uncovertebral hypertrophy?

Uncovertebral hypertrophy is a type of spinal disorder and it issimilar to sclerosis. It basically is the narrowing of parts in thespine.

What is mild facet hypertrophy and mild acquired spinal stenosis with disc bulge.?

Answer . Try to picture this.... The weight of the body is borne on your spine: The vertebra are the main weight-bearing structures, but there are bones on the back portion of each vertebrae, and these posts meet with the posts of the vertebra above & below and support part of the your weight, a (MORE)

What is facet arthropathy?

The facet joints connect the posterior elements of the vertebral bodies to one another. Like the bones that form other joints in the human body, such as the hip, knee, or elbow, the articular surfaces of the facet joints are covered by a layer of smooth cartilage, surrounded by a strong capsule of l (MORE)

What is Muscular hypertrophy?

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What is facet arthrosis?

Facet arthrosis is the inflammation of the facet joint. Humans have25 of these going down the spine. As the body ages, the spacesbetween the joint are less resilient and medical or surgicalintervention can become necessary.

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What is a facetal cyst?

A facetal cyst is a type of cyst that exists in the lumbar spine.This type of cyst is also referred to as a synovial cyst.

What is uncinate hypertrophy?

Uncinate hypertrophy is usually caused by osteoarthritis. Thisoccurs when joints in the neck and spine grow bigger than normal.

What is facet sclerosis?

A person's spine consists of vertebrae which lock together through small bones called facets, thus creating the spine. In facet sclerosis, the facets have become malformed due to thickening and hardening which causes a great deal of discomfort because the spine is not locking together as smoothly as (MORE)

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What is synovial hypertrophy?

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What is lumbar facet?

The facet joints help support weight-bearing and control movement between vertebrae of the spine. There are two facet joints (one on each side) at each spinal segment. These joints may degenerate. Degenerative joint changes are common in the older population, but may occur in younger adults, particu (MORE)

How does hypertrophy occur?

Natural hypertrophy is at its peak during puberty, and usually stops in the late teen to early twenties.. Natural hypertrophy is at its peak during puberty, and usually stops in the late teen to early twenties.

What is facet denervation?

Facet Denervation is a procedure in which small nerves in the back or neck are treated by means of an electrically generated current that is passed down a thin needle that sits adjacent to the nerve. RFD is used when there is a high degree of suspicion that the facet joints are the cause of pain. Th (MORE)

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Can Facet Joint Hypertrophy be caused by a car accident?

If the purport of this question is to determine liability for an accident may I suggest that the question be [ properly] directed not to a lawyer put to an expert orthopaedic surgeon. Redirect the question to the appropriate expert.

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What causes cardiac muscle hypertrophy?

A common cause could be either hypertension, on the left side. Or COPD (chronic obstructive pulomary disease) if it occurs on the right side of the heart..

What does moderate bilateral inferior foraminal narrowing contributed to by mild facet arthropathy and hypertrophy of the ligamentum flavum mean?

The discs in your back are separated by what are called Facets, one on left. one on the right that are placed up and down (bilatteral. ) Screw it, basically what it means is the the "facets" are breaking down and can cause two discs in you back to be touching each other. But if it's mild than try to (MORE)

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What is facet osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis can cause the breakdown of cartilage between facet joints. This causes pain as well as loss of motion and stiffness. The facet joints are in the back portion or posterior of the spine. They combine with the disc space to create a three joint complex at each vertebral level. These joi (MORE)

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What is facet hypertrophy and uncovertebral hypertrophy?

Facet hypertrophy is when the spine's facet joints enlarge anddegenerate causing stiffness, discomfort, pain, mobility issues, orhunched back. Unconvertebral hypertrophy is when the unconvertebraljoints in the cervical spine develop osteophytes or bone spurs thatcan cause pain, compression, bone los (MORE)

Does osteophyte formation disc degeneration loss of cervical lordosis and facet hypertrophy mean someone has arthritis?

In my opinion, yes. This long description is a break down of some of the elements that can happen when someone develops cervical spine (neck) arthritis. In the above question it appears that the doctor is attempting to list or describe what is going on in detail rather than simply stating that th (MORE)

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What is mild hypertrophy of the right C3-C4 facet?

The C3 and C4 are 3rd and 4th cervical vertebra. They touch each other toward the posterior surface at the facets. The term mild hypertrophy means that there is a little more than normal the amount of bone there. See link below:

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What does c5 and c6 degenerative disease with associated hypertrophy changes and reversal of cervical lordosis No significant subluxation facet arthritis mean when stated on a cat scan?

You have changes associated with age and wear and tear between the fifth and sixth neckbones on the flat, round part. This arthritis has led to some bony overgrowth, and your neck has a different curve than normal (perhaps because of spasm). There isn't anyplace where one neckbone has slipped off an (MORE)

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What does narrowing disc space noted with facet hypertrophy mean in medical terms?

Hypertrophy is a medical term that means that something (muscle,liver tissue, ligament) is larger or greater than it wasoriginally. In this case, the term usually suggests that the facet joint islarger or greater than normal due to increased size of the bonyprojection and the ligaments that are all (MORE)