What is fashion designers daily schedule?

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A fashion designers schedule varies daily. It could range from answering emails in the morning, doing fittings, sitting through meetings or prepping a fashion shoot and spending the day designing a line and then going out to dinner parties to promote business and couture. So if the task is long and tedious, or short and fast, the life of a designer never stays the same.
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How do you design fashion?

Designing is a purely creative process. In fashion, you take all that creativity and put it in the form of an outfit. You can start by drawing out whatever comes to your mind

What is fashion designing?

Fashion designing is the art of application of design andaesthetics or natural beauty to clothing and accessories. Fashion designing is influenced by cultural andsocial at

Who is a fashion designer?

I know of a few, Gerry Weber, Joseph Ribkoff, Basler, Frank Usher. There are plenty more you can find on the Gray and Osbourn website.

What do you do in fashion design?

Fashion design can prepare you for careers and entry level positions as a:. Fashion designer . Assistant designer . Costume designer . Merchandise assistant . Junior des

What is fashion design?

Fashion design is a art form that deals only with clothes andaccessories. It has to do with culture, the time period, and socialinfluences. Fashion only consists of two season

What you have to do to be a fashion designer?

For a young professional seeking to become a fashion designer with not much designing experience or background is quite challenging nowadays. The first step in becoming a desi

What do you have to do as a fashion designer?

fashion designers do many different things. sometimes they work with drawing and sketch clothing and other times they are actually cutting out pieces out of fabric and fitting

What are the daily tasks of being a fashion designer?

As I know, a fashion designer should own substantial knowledge of fashion sectors, the most important is the basic knowledge on design, master the information of how to choose

What fashion designer can do?

well, it depends really... if you want to just draw (design) the clothes then basically you design for companies and things like that.... were as if you want to be a clothes

What do you do daily in fashion designing?

Fashion designing is all about shapes, style and clothes. You can create your own fashion line with your original designs, or you could take something that already exists and