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What is faster a Yamaha r6 Yamaha r1?

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The Yamaha R1 is faster
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Were is the rectifier on a Yamaha R1?

  www.r1-forum.com   On this site you can find someone that can answer any questions you will ever have for your R1. I use the R6 for my bike and have never had somethi

What is faster and better a Yamaha r6 a cbr 600 or a gsxr 600?

For stunting a gsxr. For twisties an r6. If your not interested in any of that all that aside, A gsxr is better head to head. Better frame design strong motors and lots of par

What is the price Yamaha R6 in India?

  8 lacs including custom duties.....brand new one

How much cc is Yamaha R6?

The Yamaha R6 is a 600cc class sport bike, but technically has 599cc's so that they may be used for races requiring bikes to be under 600cc.

Where is the dipstick on the Yamaha r6?

Later model R6's have a screw cap dipstick located on the lower right side of the bike. It is slightly lower and to the left of the oil fill cap.

How do you remove the seat on Yamaha r6?

This depends on what year the R6. For the rear seat, later models have a key lock on the left side. The ignition key is used to turn the lock, which triggers the seat release

What are the Torque specifications for a Yamaha r1?

ive asked a few shops and ive used it a couple good times @ 22.5 ft lbs with 3.1 qt full synthetic oil and oe filter

What is the horsepower of the 2008 Yamaha R6S?

  If you look on Yamaha's website under the Features section, you'll see that the '08 R6S has 123 hp.   If you look on Yamaha's website under the Features section, you'

What bike is better the Yamaha r6 or the Yamaha r6s?

In 2006 Yamaha redesigned the R6 and narrowed the gap even further between the race and street versions of the bike. While the more aggressive riding position and high RPM pow