What is feminist dictatorship?

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USA is an example of a fully developed feminist dictatorship.
Feminists control government, courts, police, media, education, mainstream religions ....
............And they use every opportunity to shaft men:
All women have licence to plunder men, kill their babies, abuse their children, deny contact with father and half of his family. The worst woman can put the best man in jail. USA has million innocent men in jail and millions bonded labourers who have to send money every month to their former wife or girlfriend.
...........Men are defenseless. Test man's power by talking to our powerful feminist rulers, and you will get meaningless answers from them.
The main feature of feminism is the desire to punish and exploit men even if it means harming many women. The desire to help women is secondary or nonexistent.
........ The best example of man-hate being stronger than woman-love is in court cases with two women and one man. The woman who hates him more will win in every feminist court. Even if his mother, sister, daughter etc cry, it will not touch feminists. This rule of rewarding a man-hating woman is called Rule of 2 women. It is one of the fundamental principles of feminism.
...........Another example of helping women "only if it means harming men" is domestic violence movement. A shelter will believe every woman who claims abuse, except a woman whose man is far away and impossible to punish. A refugee woman from a foreign country etc. The shelter will not rubber stamp her story.
Pls copy this answer, because it will be vandalized by feminists fast.
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