What is field coils?

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field coils generally refer to the electromagnetic coils on the stator ( the stationary part of an electric motor ). these generate the magnetic field(s) necessary to put the rotor ( the rotating part of the motor ) into motion.
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How do you calculate the magnetic field strength in a coil?

Magnetic field strength in a coil can be measured from the equation :-F=I*B*L\nWhere,\nf=magnitude of Lorentz Force\nI=Current Flowing Through the Coil\nL=Length of the wire\n

Why there is an induce current in a coil when a coil is compressed in a magnetic field?

compressing a coil in a magnetic field means that there is arelative movement of the the said coil existing in a magneticfield, hence current will be induced. induction law.

How does a field coil speaker work?

A: A speaker has a magnet and the wire is suspended in a zone by a cone whereby +/- current will make the coil move up or down moving the coil and moving the cone causing air
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How do you show the magnetic field produced by a coil?

Magnetic fields are produced by electric currents , which can be macroscopic currents in wires and that The easiest way would be to increase the current flow. After that use t
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Can a silver coil make a magnetic field?

It is the flow of ELECTRICITY that makes the field in a coil.Therefore a coil of any conductor will make a field. Silver is aconductor.