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What is first night sex after marriage?

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the first night sex after marriage does not necessarily mean the sex on the dusk of the marriage,it simply means the night after the marriage u had sex wid ur partner
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What a bridegroom do in first night of his marriage?

Touch, Feel, Kiss, Breathe, Suck, Lick, Massage, every single part of each other.. set a presidence that will last the entire duration of their lives. Become one with each oth

What can you do the first night after your marriage?

> well it's up to the newly weds, I mean if they want to share the night together romantically.... Can anything compare with opening your wedding presents? Even sex dims ag

Is it necessary to have sex on the first night of marriage and how do you know that your female partner wants sex or not?

Part 1: It depends on your views. It is socially known that most people have sex on the first night of marriage, but some don't. It isn't absolutely necessary to have sex on t
How do you say 'sex on the first night of marriage' in Hindi?

How do you say 'sex on the first night of marriage' in Hindi?

The translation of "sex on the first night of marriage" in Hindi is  शाद� �� पहल� रात �� स��

How do you start sex at first night of marriage?

you lie down together in bed then kiss and touch each other as much as possible take his hand and lead his fingers inside you have him pull them in and out gently till your co

What should you do on the first night of 'marriage'?

First Night of Marriage!   Besides having sex, you talk! Talk is the main reason why two people come together. Talk about your future, the way you look at your life togethe
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How to ask bride to have sex for the first time after marriage. Not necesseryly first night itself?

  If you already know your lady, then this should not be a problem. I guess you must be talking about arranged marriages or such relationships in which you don't know much