What is flame orb for in Pokemon Diamond?

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The Flame Orb burns the user, and Burn lowers the attack of a Pokemon by one stage. This can be to your advantage, as you can some how give the Flame Orb you are holding to
opponent, such as a Lopunny with Klutz and uses the move Switcheroo.
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How do you get a Light orb in Pokemon Diamond?

You have to have Pokemon leaf green or fire red in the gameboy cartridge slot and go to hearthromes trophy garden and a pichu or pikachu will be holding one. Or you can migrate a Pokemon on either of those games with the light orb. Although i don't know HOW to get the light orb in leaf green or fire (MORE)

Where is the flame plate in pokemon diamond?

it is in stark mountain but where it is i don't know. hope this helped Answer . The Flame Plate is on a some-what bridge looking place on the far left side inside the second room of Stark Mountain. When on this bridge, you will find an indent in the wall. Click on the indent and claim your Flame Pl (MORE)

Palikias orb on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

The only way to get palkia's orb is when you play on Pearl and you go fight Palkia. When you capture him, go to the back of the room, and you will find an item. It holds the orb for Palkia. Same thing for Diagla, just on Diamond and the item holds the orb for Diagla in the back. I don't rememb (MORE)

What does the flame orb do?

The flame orb applies burn to the Pokémon holding it. This is goodfor Pokémon with abilities like Guts or the move facade.

Where is the platinum orb in Pokemon diamond?

you have to have beaten the elite four and the champion. you go down route 214, until you get to an opening. that is spring path. follow the spring path until you get to an entrance similar to eterna forest's entrance. go in, and you will be in Sendoff spring. you need rock climb and rock smash, so (MORE)

What is a flame orb?

All it does is burn your Pokemon. But it is good to use if your Pokemon knows the move facade because when for ex: uRsaring know facade and after the first turn it burns him then he uses facade for double power of 50 I think it was;)

How do you get a Grieous orb on Pokemon Diamond?

Well, the Griseous Orb transforms Giratina into it's other forme in Platinum so, you can't actually get a Griseous Orb in Diamond. But if you trade Pokemon with someone who has platinum (and Giratina origin form) you can remove their griseous orb and give it to your giratina, it may change form (MORE)

Where to get flame body to hatch a egg on Pokemon diamond?

put one of the Pokemon in your paroty below and if theres an egg in itit'll hatch quicker! 1.magby route 227 insert leafgreen 2.magmar magby lv.30 3.magmortar trade give magmizer 4.slugma stark mountin interior 1 5.magcargo stark mountin interior 1 that's how you get them!!!!

Pokemon diamond ar code for griseous orb?

There Is no such code. The Griseous orb did not exist when this game was created. That Is why it is taken off of traded Pokemon automatically in Pokemon Platinum. Having such an Item in your game Would make it Crash.

What is the purpose of a flame or toxic orb in Pokemon games?

The only purpose of a flame or toxic orb is to activate an ability like Guts or Marvel Scale. It can also be used to power up Facade. If an Ursaring holding a Toxic Orb gets the poison effect and then uses Facade, you are pretty much dead because of Guts. Basically the only Pokemon I'd recommend hav (MORE)

What is Lustrous Orb for in Pokemon Diamond?

The Lustrous Orb is in Pokemon Pear and is for Palkia, increasing its power when using water & dragon moves. The Adamant Orb does the same, only its for Dialga and increases the power of steel and dragon moves and found in Pokemon Diamond

How do you get the lusturous orb on diamond?

ok right when you are about to enter the spear piller you will have a chance to use rock climb at the last one right next to the enterance u use it u will be next to a cave, enter it and you will see an item on the floor pick it up and u will find that it is the lustouous orb. happy playing!! and i (MORE)

How do you get the blue orb in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You cannot get the blue orb. You can only obtain the red orb. You will have to get a Kyogre from a HeartGold game. CANT Wrong. You first need to obtain a Kanto starter from Prof. Oak (get all 16 badges). If you are playing Soul Silver, you'd get the Red Orb first, then blue. After obtaining all 1 (MORE)

Can you get a red orb in Pokemon HeartGold?

You cant in heartgold, Its only in soulsilver. But theres only one thing you can do to get it. Get the soulsilver game. o! or if your lucky catch ur friend and convince them to lend it to you. And you can give back to them too! hope this helped.

Pokemon SoulSilver how to get the blue orb?

You first have to beat Red. Then talk to Mr. Pokemon and he will congratulate you and give the blue orb. nekokaru: you can olny get the red orb on Pokemon soul silver.... you get the blue orb on heart gold

In Pokemon heartgold how do you get a Jade orb?

if you already caught kyogre show it to professor oak then have a friend who has soulsilver to let you borrow his groudon he caught then show oak both of them and he will give you the jade orb (ps: it wont work with a groudon you transferred from hoenn)

How do you get the green orb in Pokemon SoulSilver?

good question. In heart gold and soul silver the only orbs i heard of were the red and blue orb. to get groudon and kyoger. but the only way to get rayquaza is to have groudon and kyoger go with you to the embeded tower.

Where do you get the blue orb in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Red Orb=Groudon Blue ORb=Kyogre Unfortunatly, Groundon is exclusive to soulSilver, and Jygre is exclusive to HeartGold. So you will have to trade with someone. you can't you can only get the red orb and the jade orb if you want kyogre you will have to trade

How do you get green orb in Pokemon SoulSilver?

well first you need to beat red at the top of mnt.silver. then go to mr. Pokemon and he will give you a red orb. then you go catch groundon at the embedded tower. you will need to get a blue orb from heart gold to then go catch kyogre. if you do that then professor oak gives you a green orb. that's (MORE)

Pokemon HeartGold how do you get blue orb?

You have to get all 16 badges then go beat Red on top of Mt. Silver. Then Prof. Oak will give you a Kanto starter. After that, go to Mr. Pokemon's house on Rte. 30. He will give you the blue orb.

Where do you get the red orb in Pokemon Silver?

you can only get it in Soulsilver you would have to beat Red and get a starter Pokemon from Prof. Oak then you talk to Mr. Pokemon at his house and he will give you the red orb (blue in heartgold)

How do you get green orb in Pokemon HeartGold?

In order to get the Green Orb (or also called the Jade Orb), you'll first need to obtain Kyogre and Groudon. Kyogre can be found in the Embedded Tower on Route 47 in Pokemon HeartGold and Groudon can be found in the same location in Pokemon SoulSilver. The only way to get the Jade Orb is by trading (MORE)

Where do you find the lustrous orb in pokemon diamond?

I found it in Mount Coronet in Pokemon Platinum. I'm sure that there are other ways of obtaining it, but that is the only way that I know of. In order to get it, you will need Rock Smash, Strength, and Rock Climb.

Can you get the adament orb in diamond?

Yes, where you battle Dialga, once you catch it or defeated it, go in the back of Spear Pillar and there will be a Pokeball Container containing Adamant Orb.