What is flame orb for in Pokemon Diamond?

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The Flame Orb burns the user, and Burn lowers the attack of a Pokemon by one stage. This can be to your advantage, as you can some how give the Flame Orb you are holding to
opponent, such as a Lopunny with Klutz and uses the move Switcheroo.
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How do you get a Light orb in Pokemon Diamond?

You have to have Pokemon leaf green or fire red in the gameboy cartridge slot and go to hearthromes trophy garden and a pichu or pikachu will be holding one. Or you can migrat

Where is the platinum orb in Pokemon diamond?

you have to have beaten the elite four and the champion. you go down route 214, until you get to an opening. that is spring path. follow the spring path until you get to an en

How do you get a Grieous orb on Pokemon Diamond?

Well, the Griseous Orb transforms Giratina into it's other forme in Platinum so, you can't actually get a Griseous Orb in Diamond. But if you trade Pokemon with someone w