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Food safety is scientific term which describes handling, preparation and storage in ways that prevent food-borne illness. This includes a number of routines that should be followed to avoid potentially severe health hazards.
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Food safety for sea food?

Sea food should be fresh to eat. The smell of the product should be simular to the small of the sea and NOT a fish smell as this is cause by the product starting to show signs

What is the difference of food safety in food sanitation?

The term Food sanitation is very old and should not be used. It was used sometimes, notably in the USA to refer to the hygienic production of food - in modern usage it has no

Food sanitation and safety in food preparation?

Wash your hands before touching any foods, and after touching yourself. Keep like foods seperate when preparing ie; meats with meats and vegetables with vegetables. Keep your

Who ensures food and safety of food and drugs?

In the US, there a lot of organizations handling food and drugsafety. It is regulated by numerous federal, state and localofficials. One of which is the FDA (Food and Drug Adm

What are Food safety and temperatures for food?

The food danger zone is 41 degrees F to 135 degrees F, meaning your food should not be stored at this temperature for more than 4 hours TOTAL. Bacteria grows best in this temp

What is food safety sanitation?

Food safety sanitation is a set of practices and procedures that result in a clean working environment for food production that helps ensure the food will be safe for human co

The role of food industry in food safety?

The food industry is to make sure all foods that are prepared notonly at hotels or restaurants, but also at the homes of everyfamilies. This is to maintain a safe food serving

Role of food industry in food safety?

The CFIA and industry both have roles to play in achieving safe, wholesome products for consumers. The CFIA conducts inspections, tests products and verifies that industry is

What are the roles of food industry in food safety?

The Food Industry plays an important role in keeping food safe byidentifying and managing food safety risks, and by complying withall of food safety regulations. Anyone who s

How does canned food affect food safety?

Canned food effectively creates a barrier between the food and outside contaminants. Cans also help to preserve foods by limiting the amount of air and oxidation directly on t

What is food safety and hygiene?

Food safety and hygiene are the things we need to do to prevent improper cooking, bacteria and other food-borne diseases. If you are working in a food premise like restaurants

What is the food safety and food quality manegement?

Food Safety management manages the sanitation and proper food handling within an establishment that services the public. Food Quality management manages the desired look and c