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A formal communication is when someone is wearing a dress or a top and a shirt or just something when someone looks very pretty.
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What are the difference between formal and informal communication in a tabular form?

Formal communication follows strict organizational rules and  requires much time and cost, unlike the informal communication.  Informal communication does not follow any org

Formal n informal communication?

As a general rule, people would most often use formal communication whilst writing an essay, research paper, or something of the latter. Formal communication is usually as gra

A formal organization is often conceived of as a communication system Is itHow?

Answer-- Whether formal or informal an organization has some goals and group of people who are presumably working to achieve those goals. In a formal organization, the structu

What is formal and informal communication?

Formal communication is organized and managed information that is shared with relevant individuals in order to secure coordinated action throughout the organization. Inform

What is the difference between formal and informal communication?

With our family members, friends and one to whom we are close, we generally communicate formally this kind of communication is known as INFORMAL COMMUNICATION. In work place,

What is meant by formal and informal communication?

Informal communication vs formal communication Informal- less respectful, more joking around. you do this when you are with friends or people who you know wont get insulted. L

What are formal communication channels?

What are formal communication channels? formal communication channels-that flows within the chain of command or task responsibility defined by the organisation. 1. VERTICAL CO

What is formal communication systems?

Such communication in which record is save.... Every thing done in a proper way....it is most important

Avantages and disadvantages of formal communication?

Advantage:   (1) Formal communication is official, it is more binding and thus  more likely to be obeyed.     Disadvantages of Formal Communication   (1) It

A formal organization is often conceived of as a communication system.isit how?

    Formal organization is a fixed set of rules of intra-organization procedures and structures. As such, it is usually set out in writing, with a language of rules th