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Friendship is basically when two people spend time together, or write to one another, tell each other secrets, fears, worries, trust one another, help one another, forgive one another.

Friendship is lovely! It is something which one should never lose. It is precious to everyone.

Friendship is about mutual respect, affection, help, and providing comfort in times of crises. Friendship is a mutually supportive relationship between two or more people.

However, choose your friends wisely. One way friendships never work so take the time to ponder who you should let into your social circle.

There's an interesting link below on the types of friends you should consider having.
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What is friendship to others?

Depends on the individual. It could be precious and respected and others may use it and disrespect it, take it for granted.

What is friendship mean?

friendship is something great that can be shared with others. a friend is reliable, trustworthy, and there for you when you need them.

What is friendship all about?

Friendship isn't about the person you have knone the longest.It is about the person who came and never left your side.She/he sees the 1st tear catches the 2nd and stops the th

What is friendship bread?

friendship bread is bread that you give to your friend....... NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. how would i know..............well ask me later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. have fun with yo

What is friendship like to us?

Friendship is like a charm that holds you and your friends best ever memories and a special gift you both would give just like how all animals get together!

What is friendship in sports?

Most sports have teams and all the individuals on that team work as one and thus, many form friendships. Also, if a team loses they should be big enough to congratulate the wi
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What is friendship and enjoyment?

Friendship is a description of a fond relationship with another person. Friendship is often started by finding things in common with another person and spending time together.
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What is friendship in c plus plus?

Whenever you declare a member function, that function has three properties: 1. The function can access the private representation of the class. 2. The function is in the sco
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What is friendship for you?

Friendship for me is basic need, life, care, sympathy, equality,happiness, common values and interests.