What is gas inlet in the Bunsen burner?

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the gas inlet is the passage or the entrance of the gas from the gas outlet with the help of rubber or the tubing
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What is the function of gas inlets in busen burner?

The primary function of a Bunsen burner is to provide fire for use in experiments. However, as fire requires oxygen to sustain the fire, the inlets provide this from the sourc

What is the use of gas inlet in Bunsen burner?

The inlet valve at the bottom is used to draw oxygen in from the environment so that the flame burns more efficiant and hotter. If closed the flame will be an orange colour an

What is the air inlet of Bunsen burner?

As you are aware, the flammable gas goes into a Bunsen Burner through the rubber tube. To burn the gas, you need oxygen, in air. By controlling the amont of air available, you