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Genealogy is the study and documentation of the ancestry and descendants of specific people, often with added reference to their lives, accomplishments and lifestyles. It is also the study of the history of one or more families, who need not have been prominent in any way.

This distinguishes it from more conventional history, which, when it focuses on people or families, usually deals with those who were prominent or who are believed to have had a significant impact on large numbers of people, or on whole nations.
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What is Cher's genealogy?

Her father was Armenian, and her mother is of French descent. One time years ago she said her father was turkish. Also during an interview with Barbara Walters she said her f

What is the definition of genealogy?

Genealogy is the study of ones ancestors and related people. It is often called Family History and differs from more conventional History in that Genealogy need not focus on

What does genealogy mean?

The study of ancestry or pedigrees. For people, genealogy often involves constructing what is called a"family tree" showing the births, marriages, and descendants forearlier

What is genealogy the study of?

Genealogy is basically the study of how you are related to others within your family and of your family history.

What is the Jewish genealogy?

Genealogy is the study of the history of particular families, who may or may not have had prominent members.. Jewish genealogy is the study of the history of families who wer

What is genealogical?

That which relates to the study of family history, the discovery of one's ancestors.

How did genealogy start?

Genealogy is a record of direct descent from ancestors. The practice of documenting lineage is lost in our most ancient history. People have always preserved lineage in some f