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Genealogy is the study and documentation of the ancestry and descendants of specific people, often with added reference to their lives, accomplishments and lifestyles. It is also the study of the history of one or more families, who need not have been prominent in any way.

This distinguishes it from more conventional history, which, when it focuses on people or families, usually deals with those who were prominent or who are believed to have had a significant impact on large numbers of people, or on whole nations.
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What is the genealogy of Arthur?

Answer . Unknown King Arthur Stories are mainly myth and fantasy ! we dont even know if he existed let alone his parentage . However popular story tells us that his Father was Uther Pendragon who decieved the lady Igraine, with Merlins help, by taking on the form of her husband in order to li

What is Cher's genealogy?

Her father was Armenian, and her mother is of French descent. One time years ago she said her father was turkish. Also during an interview with Barbara Walters she said her father was not close to her and that he had serious drug related issues; that she stopped seeing him when she found out that a

What is the definition of genealogy?

Genealogy is the study of ones ancestors and related people. It is often called Family History and differs from more conventional History in that Genealogy need not focus on prominent or influential people or on broad or important sociopolitical trends. It does focus on the names, activities and l

What is the genealogy of Adam?

You can see the geneology of Adam in Mathew chapter 1.. Also in Genesis 5. Make a list and compare it with Matthew 1 .

What does genealogy mean?

The study of ancestry or pedigrees. For people, genealogy often involves constructing what is called a"family tree" showing the births, marriages, and descendants forearlier and current generations of a family.

What is the Jewish genealogy?

Genealogy is the study of the history of particular families, who may or may not have had prominent members.. Jewish genealogy is the study of the history of families who were Jewish, or are descended at least in part form Jewish families. Because Jews were kept separated from the mainstream of soc

What is genealogical?

That which relates to the study of family history, the discovery of one's ancestors.

How did genealogy start?

Genealogy is a record of direct descent from ancestors. The practice of documenting lineage is lost in our most ancient history. People have always preserved lineage in some form from the time when there were only tribal leaders. The earliest would have been in spoken form passed down by tradition.

What is a Genealogy forum?

A genealogy forum is a message board where participants can have online discussions about ancestry through the use of posted messages. For instance, you could initiate a thread by posting a question about your ancestral surname and others with pertinent information could respond.

When does your genealogy end?

NEVER! You will never be able to track down and find the names of all of your ancestors, but you will keep trying.

How do you start genealogy?

The best way to start in genealogy is with yourself. Write down your full name, your birth date and place, and, if you're married, your husband's or wife's full name, birth date and place, and the date and place of your marriage. Then continue by listing your parents names, birth dates and places, m

What is the genealogy of Hades?

Gaia bore the sky god Ouranos without a father, and as she emerged without parent, she and Ouranus were the parents of the Titans, among them Rhea who was the mother of Hades, and her mate Cronus. The brothers and sisters of Hades are as follows; Hera Hestia Demeter Zeus Poseidon Had

What is the genealogy of Moses?

According to The Bible, the genealogy of Moses, back as far as Abraham is: Abraham - lived 175 years Isaac - lived 180 years Jacob - lived 147 years Levi - lived 137 years Kohath -lived 133 years Amram - lived 137 years Moses - lived 120 years Assuming that Moses is literally the grandson of Koha

What is the Genealogy of Saturn?

There is no "Genealogy" of Saturn. Genealogy is the study anddocumentation of a specific direct ancestral lineage within abiological Family.