What is global positioning systems?

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A global positioning system is a system to help navigate where you are on the planet. It is guided by satellites and works in any type of weather.
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What is an electronic global positioning system?

Answer . \nhttp://www.britannica.com/ebc/article-9365690?query=GPS&ct=\n. \nGlobal Positioning System (GPS) \nConcise Encyclopedia Article Page\n. \nPrecise satellite-ba

How does the global positioning system work?

It uses similar theory as in the old days when ships took bearings on known reference points to chart its current location. Instead of bearing angles, GPS uses distances from

What is global position system?

A Global Positioning Device or GPS is a portable navigation system.It uses a satellite to give the user time and location informationno matter the conditions almost anywhere o

Why do you need Global Positioning System?

A Global Positioning System, or GPS for short, is useful for many travelers and everyday commuters. Plug in your destination, and it tells aloud the directions to your destina

When was the global positioning system created?

The design of the GPS itself is similar to ground-based radio navigation systems used in World War II. More inspiration for the GPS came in 1957, when the Soviets launched Spu

What does position have to do with Global Positioning System?

GPS provides position/location information. It is similar to that the phone company can track you phone location with the signal strength received by at least 2 cell phone tow

What is Global satellite Positioning System?

GPS is a precision navigation system developed for the US military and maintained by the US Air Force Space Command in El Segundo, CA. The initial specifications were written

What does global positioning systems do?

GPS is used to tell where the location of the reciever is. Each satalite sends out a coded BEEP at known intervals. Once the first BEEP is detected, then when the 2nd is recei

Who built the global positioning system?

The United States Air Force was a primary player in the deployment of the first GPS satellites, ground stations, and user's receivers. Europe, Russia, and Japan have their
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How do global positioning systems work?

Global positioning systems utilize satillites which transmit signals. There are receivers that recieve signals. More than one satillite is utilized in order to get a better l
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How does the global positioning systems work?

The GPS , short for global positioning system, is a world wide navigational system that utilizes microwave signals from a group of satellites that orbit the Earth and transmit