What is global positioning systems?

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A global positioning system is a system to help navigate where you are on the planet. It is guided by satellites and works in any type of weather.
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What are advantages of global positioning systems?

Advantages of GPS Depending on what you are using it for, and the rating of your system it could be invaluable. I have a hand held and lap-top connected GPS. The advantages o

How does a global positioning system work?

For the gps global position system, the satellites orbiting Earth is the basis. Each satellite orbits earth twice a day on one of six separate orbital paths. The Department of

Who invented the global positioning system?

u.s. military.

What are the disadvantages of the global positioning system?

Cost . Purchasing a GPS based on price can be a major disadvantage. If you purchase a " bargain GPS," you will get what you pay for, and features such as traffic and up-to

Where can you buy global positioning systems?

Wal-Mart Target Best Buy Auto Supply type stores Sporting Goods Stores Amazon.com Buy.com

What is 'global positioning system' in Spanish?

" Sistema de posicionamiento global " is a Spanish equivalent of "global positioning system."

What do you mean by global positioning system?

The global positioning system (GPS) is a series of satellites in orbit around the earth, that can "talk" to any GPS receiver on the ground, and that receiver will show it's lo

What does position have to do with Global Positioning System?

GPS provides position/location information. It is similar to that the phone company can track you phone location with the signal strength received by at least 2 cell phone tow

What is an Global Positioning System?

GPS is a system of several components: . Land Component - ground stations in El Segundo, CA operated by the US Air Force. Monitors, tests, and updates satellites to correct