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What is globel warming in afrikaans?

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Aardverwarming or Globale Verwarming
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What is designation in Afrikaans?

bestemming, aanwysing, betiteling, benaming, benoeming. The first (bestemming) and second (aanwysing) one should be used with care as it can also mean destination and direct

What is about in afrikaans?

The word 'about' translated into afrikaans = oor OR omtrent for different meanings: e.g. My letter is about history - my brief is oor geskiedenis OR: e.g. Put in the oven f

What is Afrikaans?

It is a South African language that is derived from the Dutch spoken by early colonists. It was considered the language of the oppressor by the ANC during the Apartheid era, w

What is puppy in afrikaans?

"Puppy" in afrikaans is "Hondtjie" or "baba hondtjie" which  litterally means "little dog" or "baby dog" respectivly. The 'tjie'  sound on the end of 'hond' ('hond' means 'd