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What is globel warming in afrikaans?

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Aardverwarming or Globale Verwarming
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What is a lemon in afrikaans?

The English word "Lemon" translates as "Suurlemoen" (literally sour orange). The Afrikaans word "Lemoen" is "Orange" in English, as in the fruit. The colour "Orange" is "Oranj

What is gecko in Afrikaans?


Platypus in afrikaans?


What is sister in afrikaans?

The Afrikaans word for the English "Sister" is "Suster" or the diminutive "Sussie"

What is 'mindset' in afrikaans?

'mindset' in Afrikaans could be 'denkwyse', 'ingesteldheid', 'mentaliteit', 'geestesingesteldheid'.

What is Mrs in Afrikaans?

"Mrs" in Afrikaans is "Mev". "Mrs" (English) and "Mev"  (Afrikaans) refers to a married woman. "Ms" (English) and "Mej"  (Afrikaans) refers to a unmarried woman.   "Mrs.