What is globel warming in afrikaans?

What is globel warming in afrikaans?
Aardverwarming or Globale Verwarming
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Why is there no c in Afrikaans?

  The latin alphabet C is used in Afrikaans, but for very limited words that are derived from English and French. Afrikaans is mainly derived from Dutch in which C is not (MORE)
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What is designation in Afrikaans?

bestemming, aanwysing, betiteling, benaming, benoeming. The first (bestemming) and second (aanwysing) one should be used with care as it can also mean destination and directi (MORE)

What is a lemon in afrikaans?

The English word "Lemon" translates as "Suurlemoen" (literally sour orange). The Afrikaans word "Lemoen" is "Orange" in English, as in the fruit. The colour "Orange" is "Oranj (MORE)

What is pet in afrikaans?

"Pet" in Afrikaans is "Troeteldier". "Animal" in Afrikaans is  "Dier", so "Troeteldier" is  litterally "petting animal" in English.
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What is to in Afrikaans?

Depends of usage of the word e.g. to speak..om te praat; go to the store...gaan na(to) die winkel
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How To Order Beer Like a Local In 10 Countries

If you find yourself in South Africa or other parts of Africa where the language is Afrikaans, then head to a shebeen or pub and order a "'n Bier, asseblief," pronounced A bee (MORE)

What is 'angel' in Afrikaans?

Engel is a literal Afrikaans translation of 'angel'. Its pronunciation is similar to the English noun 'angle'. A diminutive form, Engeltjie, may be used to call someone affec (MORE)

What is 'wheel' in Afrikaans?

"Wiel" is an Afrikaans equivalent of "wheel."The wheel may be said to be more or less taken for granted in modern living. But it actually represents an absolutely pivotal step (MORE)

What is puppy in afrikaans?

"Puppy" in afrikaans is "Hondtjie" or "baba hondtjie" which  litterally means "little dog" or "baby dog" respectivly. The 'tjie'  sound on the end of 'hond' ('hond' means 'd (MORE)