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There are 3 ways to make Gremolata Butter. They are basically the same except some people add either garlic or shallots and some omit both completely. Here is the recipe: Gremolata Butter 3 tablespoons Italian parsley Salt & pepper to taste 6 tablespoons butter, unsalted, room temperature 1 tablespoon finely-minced shallot or garlic or both or omit both 3 tablespoons black pepper, cracked coarsely For the Gremolata butter finely chop parsley and mince shallot finely as well. In a bowl, mix the two and then add in softened butter and blend thoroughly. You can make the Gremolata butter ahead of time and even double the quantity, freezing it in batches. One of the best ways to present it is to scoop the soft butter into a piece of aluminum foil, wrap into a cylinder and freeze for easy slicing later.
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