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Geography: Guinea - Place in West Africa formrly called as French guinea
Zoology: Guinea fowl - Flightless bird belonging to the order same as pheasants and turkeys; monogamous; white or pearl color, grey with white spots etc. Vrieties includes - White breasted, Black, helmeted, plumed, crested and vulturine guinea fowl
Zoology: Guinea pig - Experimental animal - a rodent belonging to the genus Caviidae and genus Cavia - for research purpose. Also used as food by indigenous south American folklore.
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What is guinea pig cateracts?

A cataract is an opacity of the lens the eye. Cataracts can be either inherited or the result of disease or age. Older animals often experience a gradual clouding of the eye. (MORE)

What is guinea worm?

Guinea worm is a disease (mostly occours in africa )which you get when you drink still water containing a flea which contains the larvae it stays inside your body for about a (MORE)

What is guinea pig food?

Guinea pig food is basically a mix of corn,seeds,dried fruit and any other kinds of things that are nutritious for the guinea pig. Also, guinea pig food may be some king of ve (MORE)

What is guinea pig litter?

Male Guinea Pigs are called Boars, female Guinea Pigs are called Sows, and babby Guinea Pigs are called Pups. A group of Guinea Pigs is called a Herd. :)

What is guinea worm infection?

Infection occurs when the parasitic guinea worm resides within the body. Infection is not apparent until a pregnant female worm prepares to expel embryos.