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He is a man who tried to blow up parliament in 1605 on the 5th of November, he almost succeeded but the morning he was going to do it he was caught. He was hung early the next year. Guy Forks day is celebrated in different parts of the world on the 5th of November every year. The film 'V for Vendetta' is based on this. Good film!
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What show was it where the guy plays tricks on people like putting a burning hot fork in their desserts and also giving kids a birthday cake and then telling them they were adopted Was it SNL?

I was indeed Saturday Night Live and I think it was in the 1980s. It was some kind of Candid Camera parody which took place in a diner. They showed the fork being left on the

What is a fork in Unix?

  Fork is a funciton used to duplicate a process. The newly created process is called "child process" and the origingal one is called "parent process". The two processes w

What is hand fork?

the use of hand fork is to cultivate the soil on your garden plot .. :)) XD ..

What does forking mean?

Forking is similar to spooning but they r a little bit different. Forking is where a women lays on her stomach and the male comes at her from behind and goes in her , if you k

Who invented the fork?

Answer for Culinary Forks: The earliest example of fork as utensils is from ancient China. Bone forks were found at a burial site of Qijia culture (2400-1900 BC). They were al

What is a fork buffet?

A Fork buffet is a buffet in which all items can be accessed and eaten with a fork. This means small bite sized portions.

When was the fork invented?

The fork was invented in the Middle East before the year 1000. In the 11th century it made its way to Italy through the Byzantine empire. Then it became popular there in the 1

What rhymes with fork?

cork  pork  quark    spork    stork    torque  York  Dork (i love) pork,(i am a) dork,(i use a) spork,(was delivered by a) stork,(thats all i can

What is a fork?

It is a device to eat stuff with. Here are some stuff you can eat with a fork:   1. salad   2. spaghetti   3. mac 'n' cheese   4. green beans

What is a fork used for?

one uses a fork to eat with one hand, so that the other can still navigate your smart phone

Why is a fork called a fork?

Why is anything called by whatever its named? Because someone once blurted the sound out while referencing the object and said that would make a good name for this thing. Perh
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What is a turning fork?

A tuning fork is a U-shaped, usually made from steel, resonator that resonates at a specific pitch or frequency when struck. It is made to tune musical instruments as it reson