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Halal chicken means the chicken which has been ritually slaughtered and has no additives in it which are Haram.

Animals killed halal (according to Islamic law) cannot be stunned before their throats are cut, which means that many animals-including the cow shown in this video-fight and gasp for their last breath, struggling to stand while the blood drains from their necks.

Google - PETA The Cruelty Behind Muslim Ritual Slaughter
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Is godrej real good chicken halal?

Godrej real good chicken is 100% Halal with members from the halal committee supervising the slaughtering process and the halal certificate is issued accordingly by the commit

Is chicken broth halal?

Yes if the chicken is slaughtered islamicly then broth is halal. if the chicken isnt then No it is haram.

Is kfc chicken halal in dehradun India?

i am asking kfc worker chicken is halal or haram worker answer me chicken is halal. before eating a kfc chicken you should must enquiry then eating.

Smoky bacon is halal?

Depends on if it comes from a HALAL source.  If the bacon made form halal beef, chicken, goat, or lamb then  yes, it is halal. If it comes from pork or other non halal meat

Is kfc halal in Bangkok Thailand?

One of the trusted brand for HALAL Chicken in Thailand is CP group,  CP also supply chicken meat to KFC in Thailand so some people think  its Halal to eat , while KFC doesn'

Is perdue chicken halal?

Perdue is supposed to be a halal company, It has Amish-raised natural chicken but machine slaughtered. However, the guy pulling the lever would say "Bismillah" each time. So i

Is kfc and McDonald halal in India?

In india the chicken is supplied by Venky's, the great problem of venky's is that some time they say halal and some time not-halal, So plz not to go for chicken or any other s