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What is happiness according to Aristotle and how is it different from the present notion or definition of happiness?

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Happiness is not measure with money or goods, but a happy person will have a balance between his reasons and desires with moderation.
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What is happiness?

This is a difficult question. If one can do things one likes and  has no worries, then one may find that one is happy. I think that  happiness is usually a by-product of oth

How to be happy?

If you were in pain, and you asked "How do I become comfortable?", the answer would be "Understand what is creating your pain, and then address it". To become happy, you first

What is happy?

To be happy is to feel good about your condition.

Where does happiness come from according to the bible?

The bible says: "Happy is the man that has found wisdom, and the man that gets discernment" - Proverbs 3:13 So we will find happiness if we search and find understanding.

How are Biff and Happy different?

Biff can't hold a job because of his tendency to steal things. He wants to move out west, and work outdoors, despite Willy's disapproval. He doesn't want to be part of the soc

What is happiness according to Lin Yutang?

happiness is realized or achieved when one has succeeded in giving  the carnal self a sexual orgasm and the spiritual self another  argasm-but both must happen at the same t

What is happiness according to Socrates?

Happiness was eudaimonia or human flourishing. He would say that a person who was just would be eudaimoniaic because being just is a good in and of itself. Happiness would not

How to get happiness?

Getting happiness is very simple, its starts by doing the things you love/enjoy. It could be as simple as taking a shower, or maybe watching the stars at night! Don't think ab

Are you happy?

I suppose. Are you? It will depend on your nervous system or feelings. Or even if something bad or good happened. So it will depend on you. If you are happy..good 4u!! If u ar